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Petra Tenebris

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Petra Tenebris as seen from above

Petra Tenebris was a doom world known as the homeworld and capital region of the Nyx ascendancy. It became known for it's significance during the events that occured in the Age of Darkness.


Petra Tenebris is one of the smallest worlds in the multiverse, being roughly a quarter of the size of the average world. From above, it looks like a dark grey rock when not obscured by clouds. It's unexpectedly leveled rocky ground is mostly covered with boulders and hills that make for a strange and hostile spectacle. Flat plains usually come with small round lakes that form webs of water ponds that are as toxic and polluted as the rest of the world. Grey dust permiates everything and has a tendency to spread everywhere.

In terms of habitability, Petra Tenebris offers nothing, making even it's brief exploration an impossible task for living creatures. Aside from it's infertile grounds and vitiated water sources, this world also has no breathable air as it's volatile surroundings easily break down and move around, polluting the already small amounts of air spread in it's atmosphere. This volatility is why the world has no mountains or old formations in general, as everything can form and break down much easier than regular materials found in primary worlds.