Philosophy of the Draka (Origo Mundi)

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Interestingly, despite a few rather repugnant culturally traits, the Draka Archonate has traditional been a melting pot of different schools of thought. Unfortunately, throughout many years, many philosophical concepts have been heavily censored by the Archonate system, leading certain philosophers to go into exile elsewhere, hoping to earn the patronage of other rulers. It would be incorrect to claim Draka regime's were anti intellectual, for they did indeed sponsor certain philosophers, but due to the domineering Draka world view, many have been forced into Conventry by the ruling legal system and aristocracy.

The philosophy of the Draka is not a single uniform set of beliefs, having rather been altered as different dynasties and renditions of the state of emerged. In addition, it doesn't merely depend on the time frame, but often the rulers patronage.

Early Beliefs[edit | edit source]

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