Poland-Lithuania–Sierra relations

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Poland-Lithuania–Sierra relations


Diplomatic mission
Polish-Lithuanian Embassy, Porciúncula Sierran Embassy, Warsaw
Bartosz Szymanek

Poland-Lithuania–Sierra relations are the international relations between Poland-Lithuania and the Kingdom of Sierra. Diplomatic relations between Poland-Lithuania and Sierra were officially established following the First World War, although informal relations have existed between the two states since the mid 19th century. Relations between the two states are generally amicable, with Sierra having been intensively involved in the rapid redevelopment of Poland-Lithuania's post-communist economy following the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991 and in the formation of the Intermarium Alliance in Eastern Europe. Since then, relations have remained stable, with both countries benefiting from mutual trade and having established embassies in their respective capitals of Warsaw and Porciúncula.

Country comparison[edit | edit source]

Poland-Lithuania Kingdom of Sierra
Coat of Arms Coat of Arms of Poland-Lithuania New.svg Coat of arms of Sierra.svg
Flag Poland-Lithuania Flag.svg Flag of Sierra.svg
Demographics 44,104,207 (2017) 86,097,916 (2010)
Area 163,938 sq mi (424,598 km2) 569,037 sq mi (1,473,799 km2)
Population density 274.0 sq mi (105.78 km 2) 151.30/sq mi (391.87/km2)
Capital Warsaw Porciúncula
Largest cities Warsaw
San Diego
Government Federal semi-presidential republic Asymmetric federal parliamentary
constitutional monarchy
Current Head of State
Krzysztof Rzesny.jpg
Elizabeth II.jpg
Current Head of Government
Aleksander Lukosevic.jpg
Nemesis Heartwell official Prime Minister portrait.png
Official languages Polish, Lithuanian English, Spanish, French, Han, Chinese, Vietnamese,
Korean, Japanese, German (federal); Hawaiian
(in Hawaii only)
Main religions 87% Catholicism
2% Other Faith
6% Unaffiliated
5% Don't know/refused to answer
82% Christian
4% Other Faith
12% Unaffiliated
3% Don't know/refused to answer
Human Development Index 0.851 (very high) 0.934 (very high)
GDP (PPP) (2017 est.) $1.45 trillion ($32,283 per capita) $5.15 trillion ($61,725 per capita)
Expatriates and immigrants 11,210 Sierrans living in Poland-Lithuania 110,406 Polish-Lithuanians living in Sierra
Military Troops 79,525 (active and reserve) 1,000,781 (active and reserve)
Military expenditures $28.3 billion $101.83 billion
English speakers 14,700,000 (38% of eligible population) 57,281,994 (Native: 77% of the total population)
Telecommunications 30,145,770 73,731,485

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Polish-Lithuanian Embassy in Sierra[edit | edit source]

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Sierran Embassy in Poland-Lithuania[edit | edit source]

Main Article: Embassy of Sierra, Warsaw

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