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Political parties in Baltia

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Baltia has a multi-party system with numerous parties, in which no one party is likely to gain power alone, and parties must work with each other to form coalition governments.

Parties with official representation

Parties with representation in the Landtag and/or European Parliament:

Logo Party Ideology Leader MPs MPEs
Centre Party
Centrism, Social liberalism Katja Kallmann
42 / 190
2 / 14
Baltisch Folkpartei.png
Baltish People's Party
Baltisch Folkpartei
Centre-right, Liberal conservatism Jürgen Ratzlaff
36 / 190
2 / 14
Sozialdemokratisch Partei.png
Social Democratic Party
Sozialdemokratisch Partei
Centre-left, Social democracy Eugen Osinsky
36 / 190
2 / 14
Christlich-Soziale Union.png
Christian Social Union
Christlich-Soziale Union
Centre-right, Social conservatism Helmut-Valter Seetzen
23 / 190
2 / 14
Partei for de Freiheit.png
Party for Freedom
Partei for de Freiheit
Right-wing, Baltish nationalism,
Martin Heilmann
20 / 190
2 / 14
De Grünens.jpg
The Greens
De Grünens
Green politics Fritz Siegel
17 / 190
1 / 14
Left Bloc
Left-wing, Democratic socialism,
Yelena Aleksenko
11 / 190
1 / 14
EU Exit Party
Euroscepticism, Direct democracy Henrik Tauscher
0 / 190
2 / 14

The 5 independent MPs are not included.

Parties without official representation

Parties currently without representation in the Landtag and/or European Parliament:

Local and regional parties

  • Dönaburg City Party (Dönaburg Stadtpartei)
  • For Baltia and Windau (For Baltia unt Windau)
  • Forum for the Development of Riga (Forum for de Entwicklung fon Riga)
  • Libau Party (Libau Partei)
  • Memeland List (Memelland Liste)
  • People of Latgale (Leute fon Lettgallen)
  • Samogitian Party (Samogitianisch Partei)
  • Vilna Coalition (Wilna Koalition)

Defunct parties

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