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Kingdom of Sierra

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This is a list of political parties in Sierra.

A multi-party democracy, the political environment of Sierra is dominated by three main parties: the Royalists, the Democratic-Republicans, and the Libertarians. In Parliament, these are the only three parties with seats in either houses. Up until the 1990s, Sierra had a two-party system between the Royalists and the Democratic-Republicans. The Libertarians, a growing third party, quickly gained prominence, effectively creating the stabilized, unique three-party system featured today. However, the prime ministerial office remains in the hands of either of the two older, traditional parties. Other minor parties, colloquially referred to as "fourth parties", have also played an important role in Sierra. Such parties have primarily been more relevant at the provincial level and influence the policies and agenda of the major parties.

The three parties, along with the fourth parties, can be categorized along the political spectrum with the Royalists on the center-right, the Libertarians on the radical center, and the Democratic-Republicans on the center-left.

Major parties[edit | edit source]

Logo Name Founded Ideology Seats in Senate Seats in House Political Position Membership Coalition
DRPS 2017.svg Democratic-Republican Party (DRPS) November 27, 1858 Progressivism, social liberalism, Third Way
18 / 44
88 / 250
Center-left 22.6 million Democratic-Greens
Libertarian Party of Sierra.svg Libertarian Party (LPS) May 4, 1967 Civil libertarianism, lasseiz-faire economics, gradualism
5 / 44
32 / 250
Radical center 10.6 million Conservative
Royalist Party of Sierra (2015).svg Royalist Party (RPS) November 27, 1858 Social conservatism, monarchism, economic liberalism
16 / 44
90 / 250
Center-right 21.7 million Conservative

Significant fourth parties[edit | edit source]

Logo Name Founded Ideology Seats in Senate Seats in House Political Position Membership Coalition
Communist Party of Sierra.svg Communist Party (COMPARS/CPS) October 11, 1987 Communism, Marxism-Leninism, Landonism, anti-monarchism
0 / 44
1 / 250
Far-left 50,000+ None
Green Party of Sierra.svg Green Party (GPS) April 3, 1967 Green politics, grassroots democracy, eco-communalist economics
2 / 44
9 / 250
Center-left 700,000+ Democratic-Greens
Prohibition Party of Sierra.png Prohibition Party (PRP) August 24, 1901 Temperance, social conservatism, Anti-marijuana
0 / 44
1 / 250
Far-right 27,000+ None
Progressive Socialist Party of Sierra.png Progressive Socialist Party (PSS) June 8, 2001 Social justice, socialist feminism, progressivism, anti-monarchism, reformism
0 / 44
4 / 250
Far-left 44,000+ Progressive
Remove Kebab Party.svg Remove Kebab Party (RKP) September 30, 2008 Islamaphobia, anti-homosexuality, anti-immigration, social conservatism
0 / 44
3 / 250
Far-right 725,000+ None
Social Democrats of Sierra.svg Social Democrats of Sierra (SDS) May 25, 1977 Social democracy, democratic socialism, progressivism, gradualism
2 / 44
17 / 250
Left 8.3 million Progressive

Other political parties[edit | edit source]

  • Action Now Party (ANP)
  • Alliance of Animal Rights Voters (AARV)
  • Concerned Christians Coalition Party (CCCP)
  • Democratic Samoan Party (DSP)
  • Free and Democratic Party (FDP)
  • Hawaiian Sovereignty Party (HAS)
  • Islamic Party of Sierra (IPS)
  • Independencia por las Bajas Party (Independence for the Bajas; IPLB)
  • Independent Sierra Party (ISP)
  • Libertarian Socialists of Sierra (LSS)
  • National Socialist Party of Sierra (NASPS)
  • Objectivist Party of Sierra (OPS)
  • Pan-American and Pacific Unionist Party of Sierra (PAPU)
  • People First Party (PEF)
  • Pacifist Party of Sierra (PAP)
  • Pirate Party of Sierra (PIRS)
  • Reformed Democratic-Republican Party (RDRP)
  • Revolutionary Socialist Party (RSOC)
  • Transhumanist Party of Sierra (TPS)

Non-electoral organizations[edit | edit source]

These organizations function similarly to political parties but do not actively nominate candidates to political posts.

  • Anarchist Advocacy Organization (AAO)
  • League of Working Class Sierrans (LWCS)
  • Women's Advancement and Progress Party (WAPP)
  • Veracruzist Party of Sierra (VERA)

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