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Skandinavia has a multi-party system, with three or four major parties complemented by several other significant parties and some other minor parties. The government typically consists of a major party in coalition with, or supported by, a number of smaller parties parties but sometimes, under special circumstances, major parties have formed a coalition government in what is called the "great coalition." No party has won an outright majority since the first elections in 1953. All governments since then have either been one-party minority governments or coalitions between two or more parties.

Traditionally, the Social Democrats and the Conservative Party have been occupying most of the seats, but in recent years the appearance of new parties and the increase in the number of parties with representation is changing that trend.

The Justis- og Sikkerhetdepartementet (Ministry of Justice and Security) registers and validates party names and the official party letters for all parties that participate in national elections. On ballots, the parties are sorted alphabetically by party letter.

Parties represented in the Storting (2019)[edit]

  Socialdemokraterne: 96 seats
  Høyre: 81 seats
  Viking Nasjonalistparti: 64 seats
  Senterpartiet: 35 seats
  Kristelig Folkeparti: 30 seats
  De Grønne: 21 seats
  Liberalere: 15 seats
  Venstreparti: 12 seats
  Kommunistiske Parti: 3 seats
  Vi er Skandinavia: 2 seats
Party letter Party name Representation (2019) Ideology Leader
S Social Democrats
96 / 359
Social democracy Ann Nilsson
H Conservative Party
81 / 359
Liberal conservatism
Economic liberalism
Christian Skey
Vn Viking Nationalist Party
Viking Nasjonalistparti
64 / 359
National conservatism
Social conservatism
Right-wing populism
Siv Åkesson
Sp Center Party
35 / 359
Conservative liberalism
Agrarianism (Nordic agrarian)
Economic liberalism
Jakob Østergaard
KrF Christian People's Party
Kristelig Folkeparti
30 / 359
Christian democracy
Social conservatism
Traditionalist conservatism
Christian right
Kjell Kristersson
G Green Party
De Grønne
21 / 359
Green politics
Per Hermstad
L Liberal Party
15 / 359
Classical liberalism
Economic liberalism
Christina Riisager
Vp Left Party
12 / 359
Popular socialism
Lars Hoffmann
K Communist Party
Skandinavisk Kommunistiske Parti
3 / 359
Sverre Knutsen
ViEr We are Skandinavia
Vi er Skandinavia
2 / 359
Right-wing populism
Ola Kelstrup

Parties without parliament representation (2019)[edit]

Minor parties[edit]

Regional parties[edit]