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Polygon Music Group
Music Company
Industry Music & entertainment
Headquarters Santa Clara San Jose, Santa Clara, Sierra
Key people
Charles Martin (Chairman)
Harry Aquino (CEO)
Products Music
Services Entertainment
Revenue $3.56 billion (2015)
Website www.pmg.com

Polygon Music Group is a Sierran-based multinational music company. PMG is best known for four major labels, Empire Records, Pacific Music, Polygon Records and Orgaphone Records, along with their subsidiaries. PMG is one of "Big Four" music entertainment companies in Sierra (the others being Avocado Corps, O.P. Entertainment, and Warner Music Group)

History[edit | edit source]

PMG has its origins in the Sierran Orgaphone Company, which manufactured record players under Orgaphone brand and released records. Orgaphone's business grew thanks to acquisitions of other record companies and distribution deals. In 1958, what was then known as Orgaphone Music Group acquired 50% of British recording company Pye Records from electronics manufacturer Pye Ltd., and the name "Polygon Music Group" would be used for that venture. When Pye sold its share in Polygon to their partner, the company was restructured into Orgaphone-Polygon, and later would adopt the name Polygon Music Group as a whole.

Subsidiaries[edit | edit source]

Empire Records[edit | edit source]

Empire Records logo, 1965

Empire was the pre-eminent label for soul and R&B music in Sierra, for many years a competitor to Motown of the United Commonwealth. Empire Records was founded by George Gordon and Sam Lévis in 1960. Gordon was previously with Decca Records, and Lévis was a forward-thinking record producer from Mariana (at Stereophone Records). A producer of ye-ye and teen pop from the late 1950s, Lévis wanted to bring primarily African-Sierran (and American) musicians to the forefront of the music scene.

Empire Records would focus on R&B and African-Sierran pop/girl group music, with such musicians as The Flairs and Richard Berry, Rosie and the Rubies, Jackie Powell and The Big Shots.

Empire Records, since the late 1980s has focused on more mainstream artists and music, in R&B, soul, hip-hop and pop.

Pacific Music[edit | edit source]

Pacific Music was founded in late 1958 as the Anglo-American subsidiary of British Pye Records. From 1958 to 1964 it was known as American Pye. Pacific became Pacific Music Group's main label, and over the years has released music for a variety of artists and genres, including pop, mainstream rock and hip-hop/contemporary R&B.

Notable musicians/groups on the Pacific label included Janis Joplin (and Big Brother and the Holding Company), Fiona Apple, B2K and Billy Joe Royal.

American Pye[edit | edit source]

American Pye was the original name of Pacific. The American Pye label was reused from 1970 to 1982 for reissues of select Pacific Music hits of 1958-1969. American Pye has since been re-established to re-release a number of vinyl albums/singles from the Pacific/Empire catalog; since 2009 they have released 28 select albums from the catalog dating back to 1966, and 10 45 rpm singles.

Polygon Records[edit | edit source]

Logo of Polygon Records

Polygon Records is a music label formed as a subsidiary of Pacific Empire Music in 1978, focusing on rock music. Polygon moved on to include pop music in the mid-1990s, and today has a variety of pop-rock, pop, hip-hop and "top 40" music.

Tone Deph/Asparagus[edit | edit source]

Tone Deph-Asparagus labels.png

Tone Deph is a rap/hip hop label founded in 1999 as a urban label. Tone Deph has musicians like XX3, Ronald Wever and Desiya.

Asparagus is an alternative and indie record label, founded in 2005 in San Francisco City by John and Monica Ri. Asparagus was bought by Polygon Records for $6.5 million in 2013, and is positioned as a sister label to Tone Deph.

Stereophone Records[edit | edit source]

Stereophone logo.png

Stereophone Records is Mariana's largest label, headquartered at 4 Key Street in Cape Cross. It was formed in 1924, and nearly 40 years was focused on releasing traditional pop/folk and classical music. It was best known for a six-record release of traditional Marianan music from the 17th-19th centuries.

Stereophone took a change in the late 1950s under Sam Lévis, chosen president in May 1957, which began to transform the label by introducing pop music and youth-oriented hits, which would vastly expand the label.

Stereophone was gradually acquired by Pacific Empire Music from 1982 to 1987.

Revolt Music[edit | edit source]

Revolt Music label.png

Revolt Music is a subsidiary of Stereophone Records. Revolt Music was founded in 2011 and focuses on youth and teen musicians, primarily pop and R&B. Revolt music first signed rapper Senvoca and since then has a number of artists, which include teen pop singer Ivan Bloom, Spanish pop-rock group The Funny Bunch and (female) rapper Senvoca.

Empire Zeitgeist[edit | edit source]

Empire Zeitgeist logo.png

Empire Zeitgeist is a record label founded in Cape Cross' Lower Town in 2001. Empire Zeitgeist specializes in indie music, primarily in rock but also some electronic music. Some of the best-known musicians in the group have included Gastropub, Ready Steady Go, Run Run She Does and We Non Posers. Empire Zeitgeist was acquired by Stereophone in 2009 for 32.2 million l.

Others[edit | edit source]

Empire Music owns the back catalog for the defunct Lyons/Bergstein label of Mariana, active from 1958 to 1975, including such musicians as Joey Warner, pop singer Nico Van Ravels and rock group Duo.

Select releases[edit | edit source]

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