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Archbishop of Avignon
Vicar of Christ
Patriarch of the West
Church Roman Catholic Church – Avignon
Papacy began March 13, 2013
Predecessor Pope Urban IX
Opposed to Pope Francis (Church in Rome)
Ordination May 19, 1993
by Mario Farro
Consecration August 24, 2002
by Rogelio Raúl Peña
Created Cardinal March 18, 2009
by Pope Urban IX
Personal details
Birth name Michael Zachary Hyde
Born (1971-08-14) August 14, 1971 (age 51)
Flag of Sierra.svg Porciúncula, Sierra
Nationality Sierran (with Vatican citizenship)
Residence Flag of Comtat Venaissin.svg Palais des Papes, Venaissin City
Previous post President of the Sierran Episcopal Conference (2006-2013)
Archbishop of Porciúncula (2002-2009)
Auxiliary Bishop of Porciúncula (1998-2002)
Alma mater University of Sierra, Porciúncula
Jesuit School of Theology of Santa Clara University
Motto Deus Caritas Est
(Latin: God is love)
Coat of arms

Pope Ignatius (Latin: Ignatius; French: Ignace; born Michael Zachary Hyde; August 14, 1971) is the current Pope and 5th pope of the Catholic Church – Avignon. He is also the current sovereign of the Venaissin City State. He chose the name Ignatius in honor of Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of the Society of Jesus. He is the first Avignonese pope to belong to the religious order of the Jesuits, the first to come from the Americas, and the first Avignonese pope outside of Europe since the Syrian Gregory III, who reigned in the 8th century. Some practitioners, as well as non-Catholics have affectionately referred to Ignatius as Papa Iggy.

Born in Porciúncula, Sierra, he spent part of his childhood raised in the neighborhood of East Porciúncula, where his mother and father resided during his birth. With his parents' death in 1973, Hyde was resettled to a Catholic orphanage in San Luis Obispo, Kings, where he was privately educated. Before attending Santa Clara University for his seminary, he graduated from the University of Sierra, Porciúncula with a degree in classics. On May 19th, 1993, Ignatius was ordained by Mario Farro of the Archdiocese of San Francisco at Old Saint Mary's Cathedral.

In 2002, he was was appointed as Archbishop of Porciúncula, launching a strong pastoral campaign for activism within the church. Seen as apolitical, he was popular among the faithful and the secular elements of the city, and was seen as a highly prized symbol for the House of Columbia and its religious connection to the Catholic Church. Ignatius tutored Elizabeth II of Sierra as a child, aiding in developing her faith. In 2015, he personally crowned her as Queen of Sierra. His proximity to the royal family and connection to the state provided for his accession to President of the Sierran Episcopal Conference. In 2009, his theological expertise concerning the traditional relation between the church and royalty and emphasis on the Avignon Church's commitment to the Tridentine Mass elevated him to Cardinal by Pope Urban IX.

Elected during the 2013 papal conclave, Hyde became one of the youngest popes, and the youngest of the 19th, 20th and 21st century. During his first homily, Ignatius reaffirmed papal infallibility, the legitimacy of the Lumen gentium, and claimed that the world was increasingly becoming polluted by the forces of "consumerism and moral decadency". He has been an outspoken critic of homosexuality and same-sex marriage, as well as abortion and contraceptives. In 2016, he openly denounced the rise of the irreligious among conservatives, along with their purportedly strong nationalist tones, calling it a betrayal of the church's social teachings. He has also been voiced strong opinions on the Syrian Civil War, in which he openly regarded conflict towards the Syrian opposition as jus bellum and that its destruction was necessary. He maintains the Church must remain devoted to its foundations and heritage as the "leader of Christendom", and has continued traditional Church teaching on various issues including the ordination of women, marriage, and clerical celibacy. In 2016, he declared an active campaign against sexual abusive clergymen and priests within the Church, having excommunicated over 40 priests, 5 bishops, and 1 cardinal since the start of the campaign. Consistent with his leadership of the Avignon Church, he condemned the Church in Rome, including their leader, Pope Francis, for "hersey" and "worldly Landonist teachings". In 2022 he condemned the Boulangier v. the Deseret ruling from the Sierran Supreme Court, controversially issuing a Non Expedit to Sierran Catholics in elections where no candidate opposed it, and insinuated that Prime Minister Susan Kwon and the Progressive coalition were working in league with the United Commonwealth towards recognizing the Church in Rome over Avignon as part of a larger Landonist "one world government" agenda.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Early Life[edit | edit source]

Michael Zachary Hyde was born on August 14th, 1971 in Porciúncula, Gold Coast, Sierra at the Walter Zhou USGC Medical Center. Born to William Hyde and Josephine Hyde (née Moreau), both were teachers for the Porciúncula Unified School District, and held residency in Puvunga Beach. William Hyde's father was a British immigrant who served during Great War II, and Josephine Moreau's family hailed primarily from the Channel Islands. Hyde was the only child of the two couple, as the two claimed complications regarding unexplained infertility, trying for several years to conceive. At the age of two, both his mother and father died in a collision on Sunset Boulevard. Following the accident, Michael was given to the custody of his grandfather and grandmother. He would live the entirety of his youth in the small three bedroom home in Centinela Springs.

Hyde grew up in Centinela Springs and attended Oak Street Elementary School. Excelling within this studies, Hyde was tutored by his grandparents in a wide variety of subjects, with his grandmother focusing on developing his Christian faith. The Hyde family were originally Catholics who followed Rome, but converted to Avignonese Roman Catholicism prior to Hale's birth, and they involved Michael within the Church at a very young age, where he was instructed in Latin and performed liturgical duties as an altar server. He excelled in learning Spanish and French from school, with his grandparents further pushing him to study with Sierran Creole families. After every Sunday service, Michael would be encouraged to attend one of his school colleagues' home to eat evening meals. He was instructed by his grandparents to not speak in English during such visits. Hyde stated that during his early childhood, he wanted to become a pilot and serve within the Sierran Royal Air Force.

Michael Hyde developed an interest in photography and film during his youth, raised in Porciúncula he showed love for local cinema and the arts. He hoped to pursue a career in acting after high school, but instead attended the University of Sierra, Porciúncula.

In his early teens, Hyde stated in personal interviews that he became a troublesome child. Although he remained involved in school and church, he slowly began to delve into "juvenile" activities, which his grandparents attempted to correct through extreme measures. Furthering his rebellious nature, he stayed out late and began smoking and drinking at around 14. Referring to his friends' group as the "Centinela Springs Gutters", the teenagers were involved in an extensive operation of stealing the copper utilities off the sides of Hollywood homes and selling them to support their families. Hyde became the ring leader for the operation, stating in his publicly released memoirs that "...I would have stolen the lining off the Getty House and the Occidental Palace if I had the chance." Never being caught, he did later apologize to the families after becoming the Archbishop of Porciúncula, and in a public display worked on the roofs of those he stole from as child. He also entered into an out-of-court settlement to compensate the families involved in 2005 and avoided criminal charges due to statute of limitations.

He became incredibly infatuated with hip-hop, and developed a passion in filmmaking. He competed competitively in high school and traveled extensively within Sierra, touring various sites with historical importance. Visiting Yosemite National Park, Hyde claimed that the experience revealed to him the Book of Nature, that God's testimony was not only within the Bible but also in the natural world. Following the deaths of two of his close friends in a street racing accident and the passing of his grandfather, Hyde slowly descended into alcoholism and depression. He failed to apply for university, and was incarcerated for driving while under the influence along with the procession of drug paraphernalia. Hyde stated that while his life began to slowly fall apart, he remained a devout Catholic, and that the church was the only thing that kept him somewhat flat footed. While at Puvunga Beach, he claimed he received a religious calling, which he pursued, finding a renewed sense of purpose. He registered for class for University of Sierra, Porciúncula after being accepted on probationary terms.

Collegiate life and ordination[edit | edit source]

Pursuing an education in Classic Studies, Ignatius excelled in Greek and Yiddish, which he believed would further aid him in his religious pursuit. Living in an apartment basement beside the campus, Hyde claimed his first year was incredibly lonely but found strength through God in his humble living. Many of his friends called him the "Ramen Noodle Monk" because of his frugal nature. He became involved with the campus' Catholic student association, and his experiences with them influenced his future policies on church doctrine. Through extensive discussion and debate, he refined his orating skills, and many of his collegiate colleagues claimed he had a fiery zeal. During the 90's he became enthralled with West Coast hip hop, noting that beside his framed portrait of Pope Urban IX was a poster of the recently released 1988 Straight Outta Compton album.

Pastoral career[edit | edit source]

Archbishop of Porciúncula[edit | edit source]

Papal election[edit | edit source]

Papacy[edit | edit source]

Teachings[edit | edit source]

Monarchy of Sierra[edit | edit source]

Among the arising tensions caused by the assassination of Steven Hong, the former Prime Minister of Sierra, the region of Styxie ignited into a republican frenzy. The situation became so dire, that the province of San Joaquin had to declare martial law, installing a curfew and deploying the provinces national guard. Ignatius, who frequently commented on Sierran politics feared that such interference by the Vatican in support of the Catholic monarchy would fuel republican fever. On November 19th, 2017, Ignatius held Mass at Dodgers Stadium for his first return to his home, were he delivered a homily that connected to the monarchy and the incumbent government.

"In the times of the apostles the Earthly powers remained entrenched in a Christians life....Paul in an almost fanatic sense wanted to preach the gospel to the Roman church, to remind them on the virtues of Christ. As it was in the time of the apostles, they too had to deal with "the man"... and this intrusion of government. Romans 13:1, "Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. Indeed, this extends to the current day, God's authority on Earth rests within the church founded by Jesus Christ, and his apostolic vicars. In Her right, I declared Elizabeth II the seventh reigning monarch of the Kingdom of Sierra and all its processions. Her authority was established by God, and her authorities reign through Her right, and such distasteful rejection of this authority is in direct conflict with God himself. "

Non-Christians in government[edit | edit source]

Ignatius has openly condemned Roman Catholics from supporting Christian politicians who support abortion, or the legalization of same-sex marriage. Within the context of selecting non-Christian politicians, Ignatius considers the act reprehensible, and a complete betrayal of actively participating civic duty through a Christian life. Since his appointment as Archbishop and election as pope, Ignatius remained silent on the issue in regards to his nations elected officials, but openly condemned the election non-Christians in Europe and Africa. During the Nigerian general election, 2015, Ignatius issued ecclesiastical letters explicitly asking Roman Catholics within the country to consider voting for an alternative Protestant candidate.

During his state visit to Sierra, Ignatius's public affairs team was heavily pressed on his belief of non-Christian candidates or officials within government. The Apostolic Chancellery for the Sovereign Patriarchate released a statement from the Venaissin office, stating that the stance of the pope and the Sovereign Patriarchate remain "idem multis" and that the policy and teachings of the Roman Catholic Church in Avignon should not differ between nations. Also stating that is is sine qua non for the electorate to press for their elected individuals to show Christian attributes and virtue.

Relationship with the Catholic Church in Rome[edit | edit source]

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