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All news mentioned are canonical to Altverse unless otherwise noted.
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Following large-scale protests Eydis Stefanic, Chairwoman of the Nororist Party of Isokyria, (pictured) announces a new constitution will be adopted within the coming months allowing the first multi-party elections since 1935.*
Thirty-eight people are killed in a tornado outbreak in the Southeastern United Commonwealth.
Sierran governors in the Styxie form a pact to reopen business in the coming weeks despite a national stay-at-home order.
Elections in Korea are held amid the coronavirus pandemic, with turnout at 66.2%, the highest turnout rate since 1992.

* Non-Altverse

Ongoing: El Norte dispute, Second Cold War, Persian Gulf Crisis, Tourneser Freedom Front insurgency, 2020 Macedonian coup d'état
Recent deaths: Norman HunterJoe BrownAdam AlsingMargit FeldmanKerstin MeyerHank Steinbrenner
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