Prackyob of Azoz (Origo Mundi)

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1415 - Archaeological Museum, Athens - Bronze portrait - Photo by Giovanni Dall'Orto, Nov 11 2009.jpg
Emperor of the Derigi
Reign 1096-1103
Coronation November 1097
Azoz, Azoz Province
  • Zegedali (Disputed)
  • Jair II
First Citizen Mahara
First Citizen
Reign 1081-1097
Predecessor Prackyob the Elder
Successor Tahmurs II
Born October 1045
Inner Valun Province,
Mouri Empire
Died 11 June 1103
  • Lucretia
  • Roxanne
Issue Tahmurs II
Royal house Erisoh
Religion Ulm religion

Prackyob I of Azoz (October 1045 – 11 June 1103), also known as Prackyob the Younger, to distinguish himself from his father of the same name, and Prackyob the Usurper, was an Emperor of the Derigi Empire and former First Citizen. He was born around the year 1045 in the Inner Valun Province to Prackyob, Satrap of Inner Valun and First Citizen, commonly nicknamed the "Lord of North". In 1081 he would succeed his father, beginning a reign that was dominated by wars within Azoz.

As First Citizen Prackyob was a major leader in both the Great Mouri Civil War and the Azozian-Reckoner Wars. During the civil war his father had fought on the side of Shuadna’al Tezculum and Telephama of the Edomite faction, becoming the lead general in the conflict in the lead up to the successful retaking of the city of Azoz. He would be responsible for overseeing the rebuilding of the city and the crowning of Telephama and Treeman, which would formally end the Mouri Empire in favor of the Derigi. Prackyob the Elder would lend his name to the period known as "Prackyob's Peace", but ultimately perished in the disasterous campaigns against the Reckoner Empire that followed it.

Succeeding his father, Prackyob the Younger, would continue the war with the Reckoner during the unsuccessful second phase of the war. In 1091 his failure to repel the Reckoner from Bangui and Fashnoq diminished his popularity, and his cousin Roneth was installed as First Citizen after a coup in Jaligena. Prackyob would prove his competence as a commander by leading a successful war in Eskaladun, allowing him to retake the title of First Citizen in 1095. The following year the city of Azoz would be sacked by the Reckoner, with Gambli being installed as a puppet king. After allying with imperial claimant Farrajulen II, Prackyob aided in the reconquest of Azoz, and the Derigi Empire came to be ruled by a triumvirate: Farrajulen II, Prackyob, and Treeman. Prackyob would be married to Farrajulen II's sister Roxanne, while Farrajulen II's daughter Sarai was married to Treeman in absentia. During this time Prackyob would officially adopt the title of Emperor instead of First Citizen. In 1103 Prackyob would march against Jamshid I of Garania, but was killed in battle at the Battle of Mamphes in Eskaladun. He would be succeeded by his son with Roxanne, named Tahmurs II.