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Praetor of Congress

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Praetor of the Congress of Alcenia
Seal of the Praetor of the Congress of Alcenia.svg
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Colin Specht

since December 17, 2019
Congress of Alcenia
Style Mister Praetor (informal within Congress)
The Esteemed (Formal)
Member of Legislative branch
Seat Sunalie, Alcenia Federal District
Term length At the pleasure of Congress
Inaugural holder Lane T. McDonald
October 15, 1866
Formation August 28, 1866
Salary $117,385 per year
Deputy Praetor pro tempore of Alcenia
Website congress/

The Praetor of Congress is the presiding officer of the Congress of Alcenia and the highest legislative official in the country. The office was established by Article I, Section 5 of the Alcenian Constitution in 1866. The Praetor serves as the sole representative of both chambers of Congress as well as the majority party in the House of Commons. The Praetor is nominated by the House of Commons and confirmed by the Senate, typically at the beginning of a new congress. The Constitution requires that all nominees must be a member of Congress but can be from either chamber, although every Praetor since 1956 has been from the House of Commons. The most recent election was on January 5, 2019, two days after the start of 76th Congress of Alcenia in which James Brand was elected Praetor by one vote over incumbent Sandra McClean. Because of the various ceremonial duties and other congressional functions the Praetor has, the task of presiding over sessions of Congress is often left to the Praetor pro tempore, which is a position that rotates among members of the House of Commons bi-weekly. The Praetor is second in the presidential line of succession, directly below the Vice-President of Alcenia.



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