President pro tempore of the Senate of Sierra

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President pro tempore of the Senate of Sierra
Gracia Parker.jpeg
Gracia Parker

since May 4, 2020
Senate of Sierra
Seat Senate chamber, Parliament Building, Porciúncula
Appointer Senate of the Kingdom of Sierra
Term length At the pleasure of the Senate, and until another is elected or their term of office as a Senator expires
Constituting instrument Constitution of Sierra
Formation November 27, 1858
First holder Pío Pico
Succession Third
Deputy Any senator, typically a member of the majority party, designated by the President pro tempore
Salary KS$150,000 per annum
Website www.senate.gc.ks
The President pro tempore of the Senate of Sierra (shortened to president pro tem and sometimes referred to informally as simply the President or Speaker) is the second highest-ranking official of the Senate of the Kingdom of Sierra. The Constitution of the Kingdom of Sierra specifies that the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Sierra is the President of the Senate, and mandates that Senate select a president pro tempore to act in the prime minister's absence. As the Prime Minister is a regular member of the House of Commons, the president pro tempore is the de facto highest authority in the Senate and is analogous to speakers in other upper houses. Unlike the Prime Minister, the president pro tempore is an elected or commissioned member of the Senate and enjoys the full privileges and rights entitled to voting members on the Senate floor. The current president pro tempore is Gracia Parker who was elected on May 4, 2020.

As the de facto presiding officer, the president pro tempore presides over the Senate's debates, enforces the rules of the house, determines when members may speak and which bills or amendments may be considered, maintains floor decorum and order, and enacts disciplinary measures against rule-breaking members. As a fellow senator, the president pro tempore may participate in debate and vote. They may designate any senator as their deputy. By convention, the president pro tempore is supported by at least two deputies: one of the deputies is usually the Father or Mother of the Senate (the oldest serving member in the chamber, other than the president pro tempore if they are the eldest) and the other deputy is the Majority Leader of the Sierran Senate. In addition to their role as presiding officer and senator, the president pro tempore performs administrative and procedural functions. Whenever the prime minister assumes the role of the President of the Senate, the president pro tempore assists the prime minister as their deputy. The president pro tempore is a standing member of the Privy Council and the Executive Council, and represents the Senate to the Monarch, the House, and other authorities.

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