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Prime Minister of Pacífica

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Prime Minister of Pacífica
Alberto de Sol (2020).jpg
Alberto de Sol

since November 1st, 2016
Style His/Her Excellency
Residence House of the Prime Minister, Dayton, Kingdom of Pacífica
Nominator Political parties or self-nomination
Appointer Citizens of Pacífica
Term length Four year, renewable once
Formation August 4th, 1842 (left vacant until November 1st, 1844)
Salary $200,000 a year
Deputy Deputy Minister

The Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Pacífica or more commonly known as the Prime Minister is head of government of the Kingdom of Pacífica. The Prime Minister is responsible for running the executive branch of government, forming a cabinet of ministers, and acts as the representatiive of the people of Pacífica to the Monarch and foreign powers.

As the leader of the executive branch, the Prime Minister is responsible for the actions and policies of his or her administration. When meeting with the Monarch, the Prime Minister acts as a chief representative of the people and advises or informs the Monarch on the wishes of the Pacífican citizenry. The Prime Minister is elected every four years by the citizens of Pacífica and can be re-elected only once.

The Office of the Prime Minister was officially established on August 2nd, 1842 after the passage and implementation of the Constitution of Pacífica. However, the office was left vacant until November 1st, 1844 after Dayton I of Pacífica appointed William J. Pierson to the role. The current Prime Minister is Alberto de Sol, who was sworn in on November 1st, 2016 after winning the 2016 Pacífican General Election.



List of Prime Ministers