Prince Henry of Lakota

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Prince Henry
Prince of Lakota (more)
Prince Henry of Lakota 2020.png
Prince Henry in December 2019
Born (2001-03-17) March 17, 2001 (age 21)
Flag of Minnesota.png Saint Anthony, Minneapolis, Superior
Spouse Julia Gaston (m. 2021)
Full name
Henry Christian Charles Augustus Miller
Royal house House of Welfburg
Father William II
Mother Isabelle
Religion Lutheranism

Prince Henry of Lakota (Henry Christian Charles Augustus-Miller;born March 17, 2001) is the heir apparent to the crown of Superior. As the heir apparent, Henry is the Prince of Lakota, which is the title given to all heirs to the Superian throne. The eldest son and child of William II and Queen Isabelle, Henry became Prince of Lakota in 2015 following his father's ascension to the throne and his grandfather's, Christian I, abdication.

Henry was born at Saint Anthony Regional Hospital in Saint Anthony, Minneapolis, and is a direct descendant of Anne I and Prince Christian, the founders of the House of Welfburg, which is the current ruling royal house of Superior. He was named after his deceased grand uncle, former king Henry II. Henry grew up at the Sioux Palace, the traditional home of the Prince and Princess of Lakota. In 2015, Henry was proclaimed the Prince of Lakota following his father's ascension to the throne and his grandfather's abdication. At the age of fourteen, Henry became the youngest Prince of Lakota. Like his father, Henry has pledge to take up his powers and responsibilities as Prince of Lakota after he has completed his educational studies. Henry currently attends the University of Minneapolis, working towards obtaining a degree in political administration.

Early life and education[edit | edit source]

Henry Christian Charles Augustus-Miller was born on March 17, 2001 to Prince William and Princess Isabelle of Lakota at Saint Anthony Regional Hospital in Saint Anthony, Minneapolis. He was the first royal child to be born at a public hospital rather than the private medical wing of Heartland Palace in over three decades. Henry was named after his deceased grand uncle, Henry II. Henry's successful delivery was announced to the public shortly after his birth, with it being celebrated across the country. Henry immediately was proclaimed a possible heir to the Superian throne and was second-in-line to the throne, replacing his uncle. His first public appearance was on March 31, 2001, where he was christened at St. Mary's Cathedral in Saint Anthony.

Beginning at the age of five, Henry began attending St. Michael's Private School, attending until his promotion to high school after completing his eighth grade education. In 2015, following his father's ascension to the throne, Henry began attending Augustus-Miller Preparatory Academy, a prestigious private school in Saint Anthony. While attending high school, Henry participated in a wide variety of sports, including baseball, track and field, football, and soccer. In 2019, Henry graduated from the Augustus-Miller Preparatory Academy and began attending the University of Minneapolis, where he is currently working to achieve a bachelor's degree in political administration, hoping to familiarize himself in Superian government before someday taking the throne.

Prince of Lakota[edit | edit source]

Following his grandfather's abdication and his father's ascension to the throne of Superior, Henry was immediately be proclaimed the Prince of Lakota, the title given to the heir to the Superian throne. The title was created in 1976, following the passage of the Civil Rights and Liberties Act. Like his father, Henry has refrained from assuming the duties and responsibilities of the Prince of Lakota, hoping to complete his educational career before doing so. However, in the capacity of the Prince of Lakota, Henry has attended a number of events, ceremonies, and celebrations, both public and private.

Personal life[edit | edit source]

Family, interests, and relationships[edit | edit source]

Henry was born the first child and son of then-Prince William and Princess Isabelle of Lakota. He went on to become the older brother to twin siblings, Prince George and Princess Alexandra, who were both born in 2006. In a 2019 interview, Henry described the relationship with his father as "close", with the two spending much time together. Henry is a avid sports fan, being particularly fond of both baseball and football, and like his father, Henry is also a dog enthusiast, though does not own any pets.

Since entering his teenage years, the romantic life of Prince Henry has been under constant coverage by media tabloids, despite warnings from Heartland Palace and the federal government. Beginning in 2019, Henry began a romantic relationship with fellow classmate Julia Gaston. Their relationship became public in early 2020 after images of the two together were released by the Daily Whisperer and other tabloid media outlets. In July of 2021, Heartland Palace announced the engagement of Prince Henry and Julia Gaston. The two held a wedding ceremony a month later, the first major royal event since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Titles, styles, and honors[edit | edit source]

  • March 17, 2000-October 3, 2015 His Royal Highness, The Prince Henry
  • October 3, 2015- His Royal Highness, Prince Henry of Lakota

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