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Progressive Alliance for Manchuria

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Progressive Alliance for Manchuria
Jìnbù liánméng mǎnzhōu
Leader Feng Huiyin
Founded 2014
Ideology Progressivism
Political position Centre-left
Supreme National Assembly
233 / 685
The Progressive Alliance for Manchuria (Chinese: 進步聯盟滿洲) is an electoral alliance in Manchuria consisting of three parties - the New Progressive Party, Green Party and Democratic Union for Change. It was formed in 2014 in order to contend in the 2014 presidential election where it endorsed NPP candidate Raoguo Jixu. It formed again for the 2015 legislative election for the sixth Supreme National Assembly.

The Progressive Alliance is a coalition of progressive centrist to centre-left parities focussed around reforming Manchuria's "stagnant, corrupt politics" as well as championing liberalism. In the 2015 the Progressive Alliance won 233 seats in the Supreme National Assembly, making it the second largest voting block after the ruling Manzuxiehui.


The Progressive Alliance for Manchuria is an alliance of three political parties who espouse progressive, liberalism, and reformism that was formed in 2014 in response to the dominance of the Manzuciehui which has been the dominant party in Manchu politics since the 1990s following the dissolution of the Manchu People's Republic and the Communist Party of Manchuria. Since then, the MNA has dominated on most levels in Manchu politics leading to many observers, both Manchu and international, accusing the Manchu bureaucracy and political system of being plagued with stagnation, nepotism, corruption and the creation of a de-facto dominant-party system with many analysts from Anglo-America comparing the Manchu National Association's dominance over Manchu politics to the historic dominance of the Continentalist Party in the United Commonwealth. The alliance was founded by Feng Huiyin, vice president of the New Progressive Party, who sought to create in her own words "a unified front to force the MNA to reform our stagnant political system and create a truly democratic and free political system".


The Progressive Alliance is a largely big tent alliance, but is largely progressive, liberal and reformist. The PAM is highly critical of the current Manchu political establishment accusing it of being concerned with their own self-interests, ideological agendas and for ignoring the needs and concerns of the general public. Progressive Alliance members have compared the current Manchu establishment to the communist regime of Qian Yiu-tong which saw the rise of nepotism, stagnation, corruption, regionalism and factionalism in the country. Many modern analysts have supported such comparisons citing how the major parties, the Manzuxiehui and the Socialist Party are confined to individual provinces and regions.

Member parties

Logo Name Founded Ideologies
Compass Seats
NPP.png New Progressive Party (新進步黨) 14th November 2008 Progressivism, Populism Centrism 212
Green Party of Manchuria logo.png Green Party (綠黨) 18th April 2005 Green politics, Environmentalism Centre left 11
Democratic Union for Change Logo.png Democratic Union for Change (變化民主聯盟) 3rd October 1999 Reformism, Social Democracy, Feminism Centre left 10

Electoral results

Presidential elections

Premierial election record of the New Progressive Party
Election Candidate First round Outcome Map
Votes %
24 January 2014 Raoguo Jixu.jpg
Raoguo Jixu
(New Progressive Party)
? 31.6% Lost Manchurian election map 2013.png

Legislative elections

Legislative election record of the New Progressive Party
Election Party leader Seats Outcome Constituency map
Constituency seats Proportional seats
22 December 2015 Feng Huiyin.jpg
Feng Huiyin
(New Progressive Party)
81 149 Legislative gains Manchu election map (contituences) 2015.png
233 / 685