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Progressive Coalition (San Francisco)

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Progressive Coalition
Leader Terry Scott
Spokesperson Avery Watson
Slogan "A Progressive Province, a Progressive People"
Founded August 12, 2011
Headquarters 14th Street, Ivory Avenue, El Granada, San Francisco
Ideology Cultural liberalism
Social democracy
Left-wing populism
Green politics
Political position Red flag waving.png Left wing
Official colors      Green      Red
Provincial Assembly
117 / 140
K.S. Senate
3 / 3
K.S. House of Commons
10 / 10

The Progressive Coalition is an electoral alliance and political coalition of various left-wing political parties and organizations and the province of San Francisco. The party is made up of the San Francisco Democratic-Republican Party, Social Democratic Committee and the Green Party and is supported by various left-wing advocacy groups and organizations. The coalition was founded by Terry Scott, its current leader and Governor of San Francisco, and is headquarters is in El Granada.

The coalition was formed by Scott back in 2011 as a means of creating a united front of the Sierran left in the province of San Francisco, the most liberal and left-leaning province in the Kingdom of Sierra, and hoped to pass progressive policies in San Francisco to have the province be a blueprint for implementing said policies on a national level. Scott, a member of the Democratic-Republican Party, had held left-wing sympathies for a long time and was able to win the support of the Greens and Social Democrats in order to form the coalition. Following the 2015 legislative elections, the Progressive Coalition holds a supermajority in the Provincial Assembly with 117 out of its 140 seats. The Progressive Coalition also has all of the province's delegations to both chambers of the Parliament of Sierra under its control as well.



In August 2010, Terry Scott was elected Governor of San Francisco winning over 50% of the vote in total. His campaign caught the attention of major newspapers both inside and outside of San Francisco as not only was he the most left-leaning major candidate in the 2010 gubernatorial elections, but his campaign was also supported by the Social Democrats and Green Party with many endorsing and supporting Scott. Wanting to maintain such support and hoping to form a strong coalition, Scott had negotiated with the leaders of the San Francisco Social Democratic and Green Parties to form a coalition in the provincial assembly and on August 12 2011, had convinced them to form a unified electoral alliance called the Progressive Coalition named after the coalition of the same name in parliament during the tenure of Steven Hong as Prime Minister of Sierra. At the time of its formation, the Progressive Coalition had maintained a solid majority within the provincial assembly holding over half of the 118 seats with the Democratic-Republicans holding the majority of said seats. This allowed Scott to pass legislation with limited opposition such as the Conversion Therapy Abolition Act of 2011.

2015 legislative election

The 2015 legislative election would go on to become the first major election that the Progressive Coalition would participate in. For the election, the coalition selected Michael J. Kruger, Chair of the Democratic-Republican Party of San Francisco, to be the leading candidate for the coalition and he ran on a single Progressive Coalition ticket. Their opponent was Benjamin Grant of the Royalist Party of San Francisco who ran for the assembly leader and was on track to replace Jackson Albert Lee as Assembly Minority Leader. The coalition viewed Grant as a major opponent as he had been increasing the coverage and activities of the San Francisco Royalist Party and had been running on a right-wing populist platform in contrast to Scott and the Progressive Coalition's left-wing populism. Scott had called on all member parties and organizations to support Kruger and form a unified front against the Royalists and his request was granted and the ensuing legislative election was a three-way race between Kruger of the Progressive Coalition, Grant of the Royalist Party along with support of the Christian Democratic Association, and George Corolla of the Libertarian Party.

Post-2015 activities

After the 2015 legislative election, the Progressive Coalition had formally established a supermajority holding all but 17 seats in the provincial assembly and becoming the dominant force in provincial politics. Scott had viewed it as a victory for the Sierran left and showed the potential for a unified front and how the left could get its policies passed if all left-wing parties united together and if the Democratic-Republicans embraced a left-wing political and ideological direction. In 2018, the Progressive Coalition helped establish the San Francisco Health Service, a single-payer healthcare system modeled after the National Health Service in the United Kingdom. The SFHS was formed as part of the Provincial Healthcare Act of 2018 which passed the legislature with the support of all members of the coalition whose dominance was able to avoid serious opposition from the Royalists.


Member parties



Electoral history

General election Seating graph Seat change Party candidate Assembly position
117 / 140
20 Michael J. Kruger Supermajority

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