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Progressive Conservative Association

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Progressive Conservative Association
President Daniel Lee
Founded 20 October 2017 (2017-10-20)
Split from National Union Party
Headquarters Vancouver
Youth wing Young PC's
Ideology One-nation conservatism
Liberal conservatism
Green conservatism
Political position Centre to Centre-right
International affiliation Liberal International
American Coalition for Liberty
Official colours      Blue
House of Councillors
15 / 133
House of Senators
5 / 78
American Parliament
0 / 14
The Progressive Conservative Association of Rainier, commonly known as the Progressive Conservative Association, the Progressive Conservatives, and abbreviated to the RPCA is a centre to centre-right political party in Rainier. It officially supports one-nation and liberal conservative principles, being considered to be centre to centre-right on the political spectrum. It's the youngest political party in Rainier and is made up of the remaining left-wing members of the National Union Party.

The RPCA was formed in 2017 following the National Union Party leadership election when right-wing candidate Richard Baron won the leadership, resulting in the party's left wing (the "red tories") to split from the NUP and form a new party of "progressive, conservative values" with leadership contender and MP Daniel Lee becoming leader. The RPCA subsequently became the fourth largest party in the House of Councillors.



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