Progressive Socialist Party of Sierra

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Progressive Socialist Party of Sierra
Leader Joshua Norton
Spokesperson Rachael Palacio
Founded June 8, 2001
Headquarters 14th Street, San Rafael, San Francisco, Sierra
Student wing Progressive Student Alliance
Youth wing Young Progressive Socialists
Women's Wing League of Progressive Women
LGBT Wing Stonewall Socialists
Membership 280,000+
Ideology Democratic socialism
Socialist feminism
Political position Red flag waving.png Far-left
International affiliation Social Democrats of America
Socialist International
Official colors      Red
0 / 44
House of Commons
4 / 250
American Parliament
7 / 65

Leftism in the Kingdom of Sierra
Elections in the Kingdom of Sierra

The Progressive Socialist Party of Sierra, commonly known as the Progressive Socialist Party and the Progressive Socialists, is a far-left political party in the Kingdom of Sierra. Founded in 2001, the Progressive Socialist Party was formed by Joshua Norton, who is also the party's leader, and is a left-wing democratic socialist political party advocating for the abolition of the monarchy and the end of the House of Columbia as the ruling institution and family of Sierra. It seeks to create a democratic socialist republican government and to distribute the wealth of the royal family amongst the general populace. A fourth party and a small presence in Parliament, the Progressive Socialist Party is in a coalition with the Social Democrats of Sierra and is a left-leaning opposition party. Since 2016, the party has seen a rise in membership due to rising anti-establishment thought and growing left-wing sentiments in the Styxie, both core and satellite provinces.

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