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Project SABLE

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Project SABLE is an unconfirmed secret project of the Strategic Intelligence and Counter-espionage Agency (SICA) of the Union and Republic of Alcenia. It is said to be engaged in a variety of activities ranging from experimental aircraft to biological warfare.

Its existence was first attested to in 1989 during the testimony of Advisor to the Joint Chiefs Brian Woolbridge, who was speaking to the House Committee on Ethics regarding the atomic bombings of Xalapa in 1945. Recently declassified documents showed that the levels of radiation present in the city after the bombing were far higher than the government had initially asserted. Congress began to look into the military's activities in Tenochtitlan during the Second World War to investigate any other inconsistencies. Woolbridge, who was present in Xalapa in the months after the bombing and was responsible for collecting data on the bomb's effects on the city, had been called to testify before the Committee on Ethics. In the fifth hour of his testimony, the following exchange occurred:

Representative Jerald Farmer: So, sir, did you witness any sort of, uh, activities, that were, or are, not present in any official record of the Department of Defense?

Brian Woolbridge: You mean like SABLE?

Farmer: Pardon?

Woolbridge: No, I should not have said that.

Farmer: No, what did you say?

Woolbridge: SABLE, S-A-B-L-E.

Farmer: What is that?

Woolbridge: It is, uh, what you asked. It's not present in any DoD documents I had access to.

Farmer: How do you know of it, then?

Woolbridge: I'm not at liberty to tell you, congressman.

Farmer: What is it?

Woolbridge: Again, I cannot discuss this at this time.

Woolbridge's statements led Congress to begin investigating the secret activities of the SICA, but they were halted by the Executive Branch, which stated the matter was of "critical national security." A lawsuit was filed in the District Court for the At-Large District of Sunalie by the Committee on Ethics, arguing the existence of projects created without Congress's knowledge or consent were unconstitutional. After a lengthy legal battle, the district court ruled the President, and the Executive Branch as he leads it, has the right to keep secrets from Congress under 6 URAC Chapter 13 § 331 which was passed with Congress's consent. The committee then filed a request for information under the Right to Knowledge Act but it was only partially granted. Documents obtained from that request do not make any reference to Project SABLE but does imply that a project engaged in activities similar to what SABLE is said to be engaged in does exist. To this day, the Department of Defense, the SICA, nor any other agency of the Executive Branch has acknowledged SABLE or answered any questions about it.

SABLE has attracted the attention of numerous conspiracy theorists, who link it to various unexplained events and phenomena. These links are of varying credibility and plausibility.



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