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Proposal 24 (Vellonia)

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Proposal 24 of 2018 was a ballot initiative in the state of Vellonia which, if passed, would have outlawed abortion within the state. The proposal was submitted to the Vellonia Board of Elections and Canvassers in April 2017 and received approval to begin collecting the 300,000 signatures needed to be put on the ballot of the election, which it did in November 2017. The measure proposed to amend the Vellonia constitution to explicitly state the right to life includes "...children yet unborn but alive".

The measure was rejected with 52.3% against and 47.1% in favor.


Abortion was legalized within the state of Vellonia in 2001 when the Vellonia Supreme Court ruled in Morris v. Eccelstone that laws prohibiting abortion violated the right to privacy as guaranteed under the Vellonia constitution. This made Vellonia the first state to completely legalize abortion (followed by Nievia in 2006 through statute). Efforts to have Morris v. Eccelstone overturned or invalidated failed. In 2017, pro-life advocates garnered enough support and momentum to draft a state ballot proposal. Working with attorneys and constitutional scholars supportive of their cause, they drafted an amendment to the Vellonia constitution that intended to explicitly outlaw abortion.

Text and question

The following law has been proposed to the people. Please read it in its entirety.


Section 1. The people of the State of Vellonia hereby amend the Constitution by striking all contents of Section 45 and inserting the following:

``The right to life includes children yet unborn but alive. The Legislature shall have the right to enforce this provision by appropriate legislation."

Should this law be enacted?


Proposal 24
State result
Choice Votes %
Yes 3,531,885 47.1%
No 3,921,817 52.3%
Valid votes 7,449,203‬ 99.9%
Invalid or blank votes 4,499 0.06%
Total votes 7,453,702‬ 100.00%
Registered voters and turnout 10,947,574 68.5‬%
Source: Board of Elections and Canvassers