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Sierran Provinces
Also known as:
Provincias serranas (es)
Map of Sierran provinces (colored).svg
Category Province/PSA
Location Sierra
Created November 27, 1858
Number 24
Populations 217,797 (Cornerstone) –
11,383,987 (Gold Coast)
Areas 910 km2 (351 sq mi) (Channel Islands) –
104,750 km2 (40,446 sq mi) (Clark)
Government Provincial government
Subdivisions County, Municipality

The provinces of Sierra are the administrative units and federated states of Federal Sierra and are major administrative divisions within the wider Kingdom of Sierra. Each province is classified as a PSA on the federal level and is granted their own provincial government, legislature, courts and judicial systems, constitutions, laws, and law enforcement systems among others. As of 2021, there are 24 provinces in Federal Sierra with the most recent province to be admitted being the Channel Islands which was previously a territory.

Provincial governments are the main governing institutional bodies for the provinces of Sierra with their own cabinets, legislatures, and judiciaries and are headed by a governor. These governments are granted their own jurisdictions within their province's borders, can pass their own laws, appoint officials and judges, propose and veto legislation, and have authority over public matters in regards to their respective provinces, but are limited in regards to federal level issues. Provincial laws are permitted in so that they do not contradict laws passed by the Parliament of Sierra or violate the constitution or other laws enforced by the federal government. All provinces are subjected to legal oversight not only by the federal government, but also by the Supreme Court of Sierra which can uphold or overturn provincial laws or rulings depending on if they are ruled as constitutional.

Almost all provinces of Sierra were originally formed from the borders and territory of the former California Republic with the first provinces being formed from the former nation's states such as San Francisco while the Channel Islands was admitted as part of the Gold Coast and not as a separate territory, a status it lacked in the California Republic. Each province is lead by a governor and also has their own Lord Superintendent, representatives of the monarchy to the provinces. Governors are appointed in direct elections in provincial gubernatorial elections with lieutenant governors being elected as running mates of the governor.

All provinces are further divided into their own subdivisions in the form of counties and municipalities.

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