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Evelyn, Duchess of Cabo

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Evelyn, Duchess of Cabo
Queen Consort of Sierra
Reign October 17, 2005-June 21, 2015
Coronation January 4, 2006
Born (1964-10-13) October 13, 1964 (age 59)
Gold Coast Camarillo, GC, Sierra
King Charles II
Elizabeth II
Prince Marc, Duke of Sonora
Clara Maria, Princess of Colorado
Full name
Michelle Evelyn Richards
Regnal name
Royal house House of Columbia
Father Sir Peter Richards
Mother Madame Helen Montague-Richards
Religion New Anglican
Occupation Author
Monogram Evelyn, Duchess of Cabo's signature
Evelyn, Duchess of Cabo (born October 13, 1964 as Michelle Evelyn; née Richards) is a member of the Sierran royal family who reigned as the queen consort during the reign of her husband, King Charles II. She became queen consort on October 17, 2005 when her husband, Charles II ascended to the throne following the death of her mother-in-law, Queen Elizabeth I. Following her husband's abdication, her daughter, Elisa, became queen as Elizabeth II. Charles and Evelyn are now known as the Duke and Duchess of Cabo, two titles created by the new Queen.

A commoner, Evelyn was born in Camarillo and raised in the Gold Coast city of Thousand Oaks. Her father, worked as the town's city planner while her mother as a telemarketer. Evelyn studied chemical engineering at University of Sierra, Berkeley where she met future husband Charles II their sophomore year. After an initial relationship that ended within three months, the two reunited in 1991. The announcement of the couple's engagement was made in 1995 following Charles's decision to leave his company, Cabrillo Technologies. On November 11, 1995, Evelyn and Charles II married, and she became known as Evelyn, Duchess of Mojave.

Mothering three children, Elisa, Marc, and Clara Maria, her family, officially known as the House of Columbia, has dominion over the Kingdom of Sierra and other countries within the Columbia realm, including Cozumel, Guam, and the Northern Mariana Islands. Through her husband, and later her eldest daughter, Evelyn has dedicated herself to a life of public service as the head of several Sierran philanthropic charities and foundations as well as honorary curator for various museums and theaters. Promoting youth empowerment, education, and health, Evelyn is also the patron of over 300 organizations and associations of a variety of interests and issues. She has been known as the Duchess of Cabo since her husband's abdication.

Early life

Kingdom of Sierra

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Kingdom of Sierra

Born on October 13, 1964, Evelyn was born at the St. John's Pleasant Valley Hospital in Camarillo as Michelle Evelyn Richards. Her middle name, Evelyn, would later become her regnal name. The second eldest of the four children to Peter and Helen Richards (née Montague). Peter worked as the city planner and a consultant for the Ventura Construction Company while Helen worked as a telemarketer. Evelyn's parents were married on April 16, 1960 at a local Baptist church in Thousand Oaks. Evelyn's older brother, Bryant, was born in 1961 while Evelyn's younger two siblings, Fiora and Luis were born in 1967 and 1969 respectively.

In 1964, Evelyn's father, Peter, was elected director for the City Department of Community Development and then appointed as the city's planner on 1968. With additional money, Evelyn finished her education at Thousand Oaks High School as a salutatorian and was able to attend the University of Sierra, Berkeley with a two-year scholarship.

Aspiring to major in chemical engineering, Evelyn met Crown Prince Charles their sophomore year during a social outing. Shortly thereafter, the two began dating although their initial relationship would only last for three months before they decided to remain simply as friends.

Evelyn eventually graduated 1989 with a master's in chemical engineering and moved to Porciúncula where she mingled with the capital's elite and kept in touch with the Prince. In 1991, the two began dating again and remained so during much of Charles's tenure as CEO of his private company, Cabrillo Technologies.


In 1995, the couple announced their engagement in March and married the 11th of that November. Their wedding, which was held at the Crystal Cathedral, was broadcast on television to an international audience of over 50 million viewers. Evelyn, who wore the Crown Jewels of then-Queen Elizabeth I, was officially granted the title as the Duchess of Mojave—inheriting the heraldic position of the Mojave that her husband, the Crown Prince had.

As Duchess of Mojave, she and her husband attended royal ceremonies, visited public schools and facilities, and toured the world to promote the Crown and the country. They also welcomed their first child, Elisa, in August 1996, who would be the first in line to the throne.

Consort of the King

On October 17, 2005, Queen Elizabeth I passed, thus giving Evelyn's husband, the heir apparent Charles II, the ascension to the throne. She and her husbanded were coronated on January 4, 2006 as Queen and King of Sierra. With the two married, their children will continue on the dynastic lineage of the House of Columbia which was first created when her great-grandfather-in-law, Charles I, was made king of Sierra in 1858.

As consort to the King, Evelyn provided her support to her husband in his duties as the Monarch such as accompanying him at important royal processions, State of the Kingdom speeches, state dinners, press conferences, and state visits abroad. She also became the entrusted patron of over 300 organizations and associations, as well as the honorary head of various foundations of her choice.

While Queen Consort, Evelyn had her own personal staff and office dedicated to her position. While she had no constitutional role in the government nor any real power, Evelyn became an informal member of the King's Privy Council. In addition, she enjoyed all the privileges and benefits afforded unto her husband as a member of the Royal Household. She was charged with rearing the children and is in charge of the house staff on the Occidental Palace grounds. She also spoke personally on behalf of her husband during informal gatherings although the official representation of her husband in the civil government is constitutionally designated to the Prime Minister.

Public image

File:Charles II and Evelyn.jpg
Evelyn and Charles II attending the 2013 Kennedy Center Honors.

Evelyn has maintained an active profile in the public as the chair of several foundations and charities as well as the patron of hundreds of organizations. She has championed children's education, literacy, healthy eating, the arts, and the empowerment of girls. Evelyn has also helped raise awareness of sexual abuse and rape, as well as post-traumatic stress disorder in returning veterans--actions which have received the praise by many. In addition, she and her husband frequently attended private events including the Percy Awards and the Royal Academy Awards in support for Sierran cultural achievements and individuals while King and Queen. An avid tennis player, Evelyn has been noted for her generous donations to the promotion of the professional sphere of the sport in Sierra. She also makes television guest appearances on talk shows and television series, often to promote her own work or her husband's.

Evelyn has also authored several books and featured in magazines and newspapers as a guest columnist. She maintains an online blog from which she updates frequently and discusses a variety of topics and issues. She and her husband are also attendees to St. Bartholomew's Cathedral as practicing New Anglicans.

Titles, styles, and arms

Monarchical styles of
Evelyn of Sierra
Reference style Her Grace
Spoken style Your Grace
Alternative style Madame
  • November 11, 1995 – October 15, 2005: Her Grace The Duchess of Mojave
  • October 16, 2005 – June 21, 2015: Her Highness Evelyn, by the Grace of God, Queen Consort of Sierra, Archduchess of Mojave
  • June 21, 2015 – June 22, 2015: Her Grace The Duchess of Cabo

While Queen Consort, Evelyn held many titles and honorary military positions as the Monarch's spouse. She has received several domestic and foreign honors for her contributions and service. She has been able to retain her arms following her husband's abdication.

When spoken to, it is customary to address Evelyn as Your Grace followed by the subsequent uses of Madame. Those acquainted with the Duchess may refer to her by her former regnal name, Evelyn, although close confidants may address her legal first name, Michelle or maiden name, Richards. Whenever her regnal name is used however, it is recommended that it go along the title Duchess of Cabo, especially during official ceremonies or events.


Name Birth Marriage Children
Elizabeth II August 12, 1996 -- --
Clara Maria, Princess of Colorado June 13, 1999 -- --
Prince Marc, Duke of Sonora July 7, 2004 -- --



  • Grand Dame of the Celebrated Order of the Golden Poppy
  • Member First Class of the Royal Family of King Charles I
  • Member First Class of the Order of the Tricolor
  • Member First Class of the Order of the Encircled Star
  • Grand Dame of the Order of Merit
  • Member First Class of the Order of King Charles I
  • Member First Class of the Order of King Louis I
  • Member First Class of the Order of Queen Elizabeth I
  • Member First Class of the Royal Family of King Charles II
  • Grand Dame of the Royal Order of the Rose of Sharon
  • Grand Dame of the Royal Order of the Navel
  • Coronet of the Order of the Harmonious Kingdom
  • Coronet of the Order of the Pacific


  • National Medal for Science and Technology
  • Parliamentary Platinum Medal (Honorary)
  • St. Catherine's Medal for Children's Health and Services
  • The Christina Banks Award for Woman of the Year (2014)
  • The Pacific-Atlantic Award for Distinguished Service


Country Awards
 Austria Decoration for Services to the Republic of Austria, Star
 Belgium Order of Leopold, Cordon
 Brazil Order of the Southern Cross, Collar
 Finland Order of the White Rose, Grand Cross with Collar
 France Légion d'honneur, Cross
 Italy Order of Merit of the Republic, Grand Cross with Cordon
 Norway Royal Norwegian Order of St. Olav, Grand Cross with Collar
 Spain Order of the Golden Fleece, Dame
 Sweden Royal Order of the Seraphim, Dame with Collar

Family tree



  • Bonds: From Chemistry to Royalty (2015)


  • Blood and Sweat: The Untold Story of Blood Diamonds (2007)
  • Classroom Cleanup (2008)
  • Generation Now (2008)
  • Healthful Steps to Happiness (2010)
  • The Bargaining Chip (2011)
  • And They Came Back (2012)
  • Modern Women (2013)

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