RBS15 Mk3

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KU RBS 15 MkIII 01.jpg
Type Surface to surface missile
Air to surface missile
Anti-ship missile
Land-attack missile
Place of origin Skandinavia
Service history
In service 2005-present (Mk.III)
Used by Skandinavia, Baltic Federation, Germany, Spain and others
Production history
Manufacturer Saab Dynamics
Weight 800 kg
Length 4.33 m
Diameter 50 cm
Warhead 200 kg HE blast and pre-fragmented warhead.
impact or proximity

Engine turbojet
Wingspan 1.4 m

70 km for RBS-15 Mk. I and II

250 km for RBS-15 Mk. III
Flight altitude sea skimming
Speed subsonic
inertial, GPS, terminal active radar homing
naval ships, aircraft and land-based missile launchers

It is the latest generation Surface-to-Surface Missile System and perfect as the main anti-surface armament. With high-speed, long-range and unrivalled flexibility, the RBS15 Mk3 can provide a tactical advantage. RBS15 is designed and manufactured in Skandinavia by Saab Dynamics. The development of the RBS-15 Mk. III began in the mid-1990s over previous models wiyh emphasis on increased range due to larger fuel capacity and new fuel, improved accuracy (integrated GPS) and selectable priority targeting, which improved the weapon system's flexibility. The Mk. III has been in production since 2005.

It can be launched from naval vessels, trucks and aircraft, in scenarios from blue water to the littorals, as well as in land attack missions.

  • Long range – extremely flexible trajectory
  • Advanced target seeker with all weather capability
  • High defence penetration capability
  • Contracted by leading navies in international competition.

Features[edit | edit source]

RBS15 Mk3 is the latest generation Surface-to-Surface Missile System. It is a fire-and-forget, subsonic cruise type missile with all weather capability. It can be launched from ships, trucks and aircraft and is intended for anti-ship missions and land strikes.

Technical Specifications[edit | edit source]

  • Class: SLCM
  • Target: Primary Ships and secondary land objetives
  • Length: 4.35 m
  • Diameter: 0.50 m
  • Wingspan: 1.40 m
  • Launch Weight: 790.00 kg
  • Payload: 200 kg HE, fragmentation
  • Propulsion: Turbojet w/ solid booster
  • Range: 200.00 km
  • Guidance: GPS, INS, radio altimeter, active radar
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