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Radiol (Toothpaste)

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Radiol Logo.png
Produced by Raditol Company
Country Liberta
Introduced 1916
Discontinued 1931
Related brands Raditol Company
Markets Toothpaste, Oral Hygiene

Radiol was a toothpaste brand of toothpaste made by the Libertan Raditol Company from 1916 to 1931 and marketed domestically. The featuring aspect of Radiol as the name may suggest is that the paste was mixed with small amounts of the radioactive Radium. It was heavily marketed toward the upper class as Radium mining was foreign and expensive to enrich. The inventor of Radiol, Avius Centarius believed that the Radium would have healing effects on the enamel, however the main purpose of radium was to give the users a luminescent effect on the enamel.


After 58 users had become radiation poisoned the Ministry of Health experimented on the toothpaste and concluded that Radiol was poisonous and breached the Libertan food laws and regulations. Radiol consumtion and usage was deemed hazardous, the Raditol Company was shutdown and Avius Centarius was fined 8,000 EQD and was not jailed due to the unknown effects of ionizing radiation During the majority of the products production.