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Reckoner Empire (Origo Mundi)

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Reckoner Empire

c. 1030s - Present
Map of the Reckoner Empire's conquests
Map of the Reckoner Empire's conquests
Common languages Frasnokian, Apirun, Denivan, Azozian, Edomian, Usinian
Reckoner Mythology
• c. 1030-1120
Historical era Classical
• Established
c. 1030s
• First Azozian War
• Disestablished
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Mouri Empire
Syresian Republic

The Reckoner Empire is a nation located in northwest Letsia, named for its titular founder, the Reckoner. The empire was formed some day around the 1030s, but its act origin is shrouded in mystery. The nation definitively entered the historical record in the year 1043, when it launched a decades long invasion and occupation of the Mouri Empire, culminating in a successful conquest of Frashnoq and other regions during the fall of the Mouri.

The Reckoner Empire was governed by a strict adherence to probability and mathematics, in what is categorized as Reckoner Mythology. All decisions within the empire were made through the use of religious artifacts such as dice, coins, and mechanical calculators to determine the nation's course of action. Luck was seen as the will of revered reason, with unfavorable outcomes being a result of poor piety or as part of a grand divine path unknown to mankind.

The nation reached its zenith in territory following its second successful war against the Azozians, who now formed the Derigi Empire after the fall of Mouri. During this time they conquered as far as the cities of Usinilago on the Lydonian Sea, conquered Susanylon from the Ankum of Edom, and occupied cities key Azozian cities, such as Bangui and Medan. After the death of the titular emperor, the nation underwent quick collapse during the reign of his successors, with the nation declining to its original size by the 1140s.