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Remove Kebab Party

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Remove Kebab Party
Spokesperson Benny Marchesi
Founded September 30, 2008
Newspaper Remove Kebab Daily
Membership 725,000+ "registered members" (unconfirmed)
Ideology Islamophobia
Political position Far-right
National affiliation None
International affiliation None
Official colors      Black
0 / 155
House of Commons
0 / 326

The Remove Kebab Party is a far-right satirical political party in Sierra. It was founded on September 30, 2008 by Bosnian-born Sierran satirist Trevor XI, initially on chat boards (including 3mage) and became a fast-growing satirical political party. The party's online presence elevated Trevor to fame and had his own show until its forced cancellation due to an RBI investigation. Despite this, the party remains online and has been accused of being a "breeding pool" for far-right thought and as a launching pad for the alt-right. The party itself is widely regarded as a satirical political party due to its nature when it was founded and a long history of supporting frivolous candidates in elections that were either online chat users or impersonators, but the status was challenged in 2013 when far-right political Benny Marchesi switched his political affiliation to the Remove Kebab Party after his rejection and expulsion from the Democratic-Republican Party and has since become a spokesman for the party as a whole and even saw three members of the Royalist Party's alt-right caucus join in 2017.

The organization is ideologically on the far-right of Sierran politics and is a part of the global counter-jihad movement. Its stance on Islam has been regarded as Islamophobic and even culturally racist. The party leadership has officially condemned biological racism and antisemitism, and claims that it "rejects Islam in its present form, not Muslims". Members have been accused of inciting violence against Muslims online and at public events. Its broader platform features an ideology espousing nationalism, nativism, and populism. Unlike other far-right political parties, the party has no official stance on certain issues such as LGBT rights or abortion. Political scientists have disputed whether the RKP is ideologically derzhavist.


Name and symbol

The term kebab is used to refer mainly towards Muslims, Islam and other Islamic relates topics and ideas and the party's call to "remove" them is a blatant statement on support for ending Islamic immigration and removing the presence of Islam in Sierra. The party's symbol is a crudely drawn prejudiced drawing of a Muslim with a turban, long beard, and a smile. The face is in a black circle with the Islamic crescent and Arabic writings in the center with a red x going through all of them. The crude and amateur nature of the party's logo is commonly cited as evidence of the party being purely satirical.



Voter base

The Remove Kebab Party claims to have over 725,000 "registered members", but this number has not been confirmed by any outside observers and is most likely a joke. Many analysts have claimed that the party has less than 10,000 actual registered members citing how the party lacks ballot access in the majority of provinces and even within the few provinces that do grant them ballot access, the party has a very small presence and hasn't elected any officials in any provincial legislatures. While the party does have some official affiliates in the provinces that grant them ballot access, they're either completely satirical or are very small with the largest affiliate, the Maricopa Remove Kebab Party, having only 2,000 registered voters.

Status in politics

The Remove Kebab Party is generally regarded as a satirical political party and is largely not taken seriously by the Sierran government nor do any provincial governments take the party seriously. The party runs candidates in various elections, but almost all of said candidates are joke candidates and satirists and have little to no desire to run for or hold public office. Most candidates who run on the Remove Kebab platform are satirists and are typically doing so to troll left-wing and liberal voters in Sierra. One of the most infamous cases of this was in 2017 when Jerry Chapman, an alt-right blogger from San Francisco, announced his intention to run in the 2020 legislative election on the Remove Kebab Party ticket. He promised to run on a campaign of "removing the evil kebabs and purifying San Francisco of radical filth". Due to his past records and long record of far-right content, posts, and rhetoric (especially against Muslims, the LGBT community, and women) he was arrested on charges of hate speech and plans to incite hatred and ethnic violence in the province under the guise of the Protected Minorities and Tolerance Act of 2006.

Ballot access

The majority of Sierran provinces do not grant the Remove Kebab Party ballot access and some have even outright bared the party from running in elections and have labeled it a far-right extremist organization. While the party is a satirical one, some of its members have actively fought to be granted ballot access citing freedom of speech and believing that provinces that bar the party from running candidates are guilty of infringing on the organization's right to exist and conduct its operations. In 2018, a user on t/RemoveKebab, the party's official subthreddit, said that if the party should be banned due to promoting political extremism, than the same thing should happen to the Communist Party of Sierra accusing it of spreading far-left extremism and radicalism.

Legal controversies

Known officials