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Republic (political organization)

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Formation March 16, 1986
Type Political advocacy group
Purpose The abolition of the Sierran monarchy, transition into a republican government
Headquarters Bernheim, San Joaquin
2.4 million
John Nelly
Key people
Scott Western

Republic is a Sierran political activist organization and pressure group advocating the replacement of Sierran monarchy with a republic. Republic states that its mission is: "To achieve the abolition of the Sierran monarchy in favor of a democratic republic". Founded in 1986 by a group of republicans in San Joaquin, it has seen a notable resurgence in popularity in the late 2000s.

Libertarian blogger and activist Scott Western is the current spokesman of the organization.


Republic began its life in 1986 when a group of radical republicans in San Joaquin wrote The Manifesto of the Republicans, which consisted of two parts. The first part described the problems and disadvantages of the Sierran monarchy and lack of a strong, well-organized pro-republican movement. In the second part, a process of transition of Sierra towards a republic is described in detail, with the first step being the creation of an organization advocating such a transition. The symbol of the new organization was chosen as a green cross crossing out a purple square, with the cross representing republicanism and purple square representing monarchy.

Scott Western, spokesman of Republic

Republic started gaining traction in the Styxie region throughout the 1980s and 1990s. It was not until 2006, however, when the movement broke out of the region when a Republic meeting was held in (_). In 2012, popular blogger Scott Western emerged as the spokesman, bringing a new wave of popularity into Republic.


Since 2005, Republic is an officially registered limited company (Republic Organization Ltd) ruled by a board of directors and an Executive Officer. The members of the board are elected annually usually at the beginning of the year. Republic also has the position of the spokesman, who acts as a figurehead of the organization and is in charge of press releases. A spokesman is not required to be a part of the board of directors, however Scott Western is the first Republic spokesman to not be in the board.


Investigations on royal finances

Alternative celebrations

Since (_), holding alternative parties during various monarchy-related holidays became a staple of Republic. According to Republic themselves, these celebrations are meant to "celebrate all of the Sierran people, not certain ones."

The Antijubilee, held in response to Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee in several cities throughout Sierra in (_), became one of the most prominent ones, and was covered by various media such as...

Media coverage of the monarchy

Republic actively campaigns for a more neutral coverage of the monarchy in Sierran mass media since its inception.

In 2016, a 16-episode documentary series, Monarchy in the News, was released on Republic's VidStream channel. In the series of videos, monarchy-related news articles, broadcasts and talk shows from networks such as RBS, EBN, Tokki were analyzed and marked based on their neutrality and degree of criticism. Monarchy in the News quickly became a topic of hot discussion in Sierran media. Later, addressing these videos on his personal blog, Scott Western wrote: "This is exactly what we were aiming for: to bring people's attention to how biased Sierran media becomes when it comes to the House of Columbia."


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