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Republic of Krai

Esctrichung Krai (Krai)
Flag of Krai
Coat of arms
Motto: "Ter Racht Necel Terach" (Krai)
"The light will not die"
"Rechtung, Kraisctachjarn"
Hear Now, People of Krai
Location of Krai within Western Assai.
and largest city
Official languages Krai
Ethnic groups
Demonym(s) Krai
Government Republic
Mijosc Rubeck
Ejonas Ljetsckahr
Legislature Esctreim
• July 5995 Ʋ estimate
• July 5994 Ʋ census
GDP (PPP) 5992 Ʋ estimate
• Total
$657.251 billion
• Per capita
GDP (nominal) 5992 Ʋ estimate
• Total
$611.419 billion
• Per capita
HDI (5994 Ʋ) Increase 0.812
very high
Currency Krai Erja (KER)
Driving side left
Calling code +813
Internet TLD .kr
This article is a Gallery Page. It shows major aspects of the geography, demographics, culture, and history of the Republic of Krai through images and captions. For a more detailed, text-based article, please see the Republic of Krai article.

The Republic of Krai (Krai: Esctrichung Krai), is a sovereign state in southern Western Assai, bordered by Perses and Khazhar to the west, Kholendash and Viet to the north, Upper Viet and Dinadinshounay to the east, and the Karatoko Sea to the south. Formerly existing as the Krai-Viet Confederacy until the end of the Great Sabel War, Krai is one of the largest and most populous states in Southern Assai, which, with its own unique culture, history, and traditions, makes it a highly individual and dynamic country within Western Assai today.

Geography[edit | edit source]

Byrn[edit | edit source]

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Morasia and Gdzinya[edit | edit source]

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Krai River Heartlands[edit | edit source]

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Byrn Peninsula[edit | edit source]

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Demographics[edit | edit source]

Krai People[edit | edit source]

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Krai Religion[edit | edit source]

Culture[edit | edit source]

Krai Festivals[edit | edit source]

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Krai Art[edit | edit source]

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Krai Media and Cinema[edit | edit source]

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Krai Cuisine[edit | edit source]

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Krai Sports[edit | edit source]

A Day in the Life[edit | edit source]

Aletcsar Varhentur[edit | edit source]

Aletcsar Nikosc Varhentur
Aletcsar Varhentur.png
Aletcsar in 5995 Ʋ.
Pronunciation ['alɛt͡ʂa:r 'nikɔʂ 'va:ʀɛntuɐ̯]
Born 18th of May 5978 Ʋ, aged 17.
Nationality Krai
Education Echbajar Dantosci in Celberg, Byrn.
  • Sctander Varhentur (father)
  • Leljena Varhentur (née Khanberg) (mother)
Relatives Mija Varhentur (sister), Nikosc Varhentur (grandfather), Remus Varhentur (great-uncle).

6:01 AM – Pjentach, 30. Hermond 5995 Ʋ[edit | edit source]

Ascentur, Byrn, Republic of Krai.

I wake up just before my alarm rings. There’s a moment, about five or six seconds, where I don’t know where and when I am. I just lie there, cold, eyes closed and semi-conscious. And then – “Ver Mejordach Byrn! It’s 6:00 AM Pjentach, 30th of Hermond and what a cold way to start the last day of the month! It’s -3 degrees at the moment with an expected maximum of 8 later today, should be….”

I hit the off button on my alarm clock and rub my eyes. Fuck it’s cold. The heating was so shit in this place. The one thing we couldn’t afford was good heating in the middle of winter. Of course. I mean, I guess I was lucky. At least we always have enough food. Not that it’s poor here or anything, just that, sometimes, things can be hard to come by.

“Tcse-tcsi, time to get up!” I heard my Mati call from outside the room.

Why did she still call me that? I’m 17 for crying out loud. “Tcse-tcsi” is a nickname for cute babies that old aunts from Gdzynia like to ogle at and say “oh how cute!!”. I mean, sure, it was short for my name Aletcsar, but seriously? I mean, I get that nicknames are a Krai thing, don’t get me wrong. I love that. Not a single one of my friends is ever called their full name. I mean, why say something weird like “Lechiejaare” when you could just say “Lechie”? Or why say “Aletcsar” when you can say “Aletcs”? Or if you can say “Tcse-tcsi” and be an embarrassment like my Mati.

Kar Mati. I’m getting up”. I try to get up only to hit my head on the shelf above my bed. Kachte, that hurt. I rubbed my eyes again and wriggled my toes on the cold, hardwood floor. My room was tiny. I was sitting on my bed, nestled in an alcove on the wall. Above it were some cupboards full of Ai-knows-what - old books, comics from Kaishuri, DVDs, records, my old Ehrukan uniform and some dirty socks probably. I got up and looked out the small window to the left of my bed. It was covered in frost and I pulled my sleeve down to rub it away and peer into the street below. Fuck it was cold. I could see the mist escaping from my mouth as I exhaled and looked outside into the dark street, lit only by a few amber street lights and windows in the houses opposite. There was a girl in my class, Eljaane, who lived in the apartment directly across the narrow street. I couldn’t see her. A train ran along the Bergentur Line nearby, rattling the window and the loose items in my room. I turned on the light above my head by pulling on a chord hanging next to it, lighting the room in a weak amber light. Kinda like candlelight, only more, I dunno – industrial, I guess. Next to the window was my desk, cluttered with school work. It was the last year of the Ebachjar this year. Three months and I’d have my K1 exams, competing against everyone else in this country for spots at Uni. That was a scary thought. But more importantly I was competing for a place in the State-sponsored exchanges. Every year the top 5% were given exchange scholarships – free transport and housing to go overseas. That’s what I wanted to do. Leave Byrn and its cold and its busy-ness and the stain the War left on its streets. I wanted to see the world, maybe study in Assai or Kaishuri. That’s where I really wanted to go – Akyáz University. Kaishuri.

I turned to the opposite wall of my desk. Next to the door was a massive timber wardrobe. It was ancient, apparently it had belonged to my grandfather - Nikosc Varhentur, my name-sake (at least, for my middle name that is). He’d hid in this cupboard when he was five years old and the Grey Army came to Byrn. That’s how he’d escaped from being taken to the Camps. Him and one of his five brothers, Uncle Remus. They hid in the cupboard and didn’t say anything for three days while the Army roamed the ashen streets and took women and children out of their homes and raped them and shot them and sent them to Metsia to die as slave labour. Eba didn’t like talking about the War. No-one did.

I opened the heavy door and took out my grey woollen nero, kinda like a jumper but deliberately twice as big as necessary. This is what it looks like to be Krai, I thought, smiling. But I put it on anyway because of the cold. I opened the door and walked into the hall, where Mija almost collided with me straight away.

Kachte Aletcs! Watch out!” she said.

“Get off your Kota Mija, I’m sure your gossip with Zletie can wait the half an hour until school”.

She turned around to face me, toothbrush in her mouth and her eyebrows furrowed. “Don’t talk to me like that Aletcs you Harrach, I’m your sister and you need to respect me”.

I smiled “seems pretty one-way to me”

Kachte Aletcs!”

“Mija!” my Mati interrupted, hearing what Mija had said. “For the last time do not use that word at home!”

“Sorry Mati” she said, grinning. “Besides Aletcs, I’m not gossiping, I’m talking about the RUZ assignment due on Monday. Zlatie and I are working together???”

“Oh yeah, ‘working‘ and not just stalking Bretasc Terger”

“You know what? I’ve had enough of you and your Ebachjar sense of superiority you…”

“Aletcs! Mija! Come on, the water’s just boiled for Metcho and Bati’s back with Fjernkleb. Let’s eat”

I grinned at Mija as I walked passed her, picking up a pair of thick grey socks on the way and avoiding the dodgy floorboard in the middle of the hall. I could hear the kettle whistling as Mati picked it up and began to fill four cups of Metcho. Bati came in as I walked past.

Traditional breakfast in Krai featuring Fjernkleb

Ver Dach Aletcs“ he said, holding a paper bag that smelled of heaven and putting it on the table. Fjernkleb, Cheese, Ham, Metcho. Breakfast.

I sat down in my usual place as Mati brought over the cups of Metcho. I noticed there was a bucket in the corner of the room collecting something dripping from the ceiling.

“The pipes again?” I said, as Bati opened the bag and gave us all a grained loaf of barley Fjernkleb.

“Kar” he sighed. “There’s always something isn’t there?”

I nodded as I tore open the bread. “Something’s always broken. By the way, when are we going to start living in the 60th century and get some real heating?”

Bati laughed as Mija and Mati sat down and tore open their bread too. “You know how old this building is Aletcs”

Kar but that’s not an excuse for it falling apart” I answered, tearing off some cheese from the block to sprinkle on my Fjernkleb. The truth was, it was like this everywhere in Byrn now. At least, it was like this everywhere in Ascentur. That’s the District where I live, about 2km from the city centre. It wasn’t rich and it definitely wasn’t the poorest area, but here everything was falling apart. Nothing has really been properly fixed since the War. And now we have apartments with leaking ceilings and no heating and dodgy floorboards and no space. But I guess I had it lucky. There were places a lot worse in Byrn.

I took a sip of the Metcho. It was strong and citric and tasted like total crap. “Yuck Mati where did you get this?!?”

She smiled as she answered “From Zerjo, it was on special, only 10 Erja for a 500g bag.” She got the packet from the kitchen bench and gave it to me.

“See? ‘100% Genuine Korati Metcho, picked from the tropical highlands of Ves and blended to perfection by Metcho-Masters in Sysenas’. It’s a real luxury product”. She seemed proud of herself.

“Mati”, I said, taking the packet. “This tastes like some sub-quality rip-off Berushi kachte…”


“Sorry Mati, I mean, bad-quality. This is seriously the worst I’ve ever tasted. Can’t you just go back to getting the normal stuff?”

“It was sold out this week, there wasn’t any. Must be a really bad season if there’s such low stock”.

“Mmmm, kar” I said, taking a big bite of my Fjernkleb. I checked the clock on the wall near the window. 6:37. Time to go.

6:37 AM – Pjentach, 30. Hermond 5995 Ʋ[edit | edit source]

Ascentur, Byrn, Republic of Krai.

“I’ve gotta go now. Tchjeru”. I kissed Mati on the head and grabbed my bag from my room. “See you later Mija. Tchjeru Bati”. I waved them all goodbye and headed out the front door, putting on my jacket as I went. Outside the corridor was dark and the air damp, the faint rumbling of pipes diffusing through the walls. I walked past our neighbour, an youngish woman named Lera who was studying to be a teacher at the Ascentur Academy nearby. I went down the two flights of creaking stairs and entered the lobby, an old wood-panelled room with a broken radiator on one wall and mail tubes on the other. I walked behind the stairs and to the bike store room, where I took out my key to unlock my bike. It was old and a little squeaky but it worked fine. It had been my birthday present last year.

The streets of Ascentur in the early morning, through which Aletcsar is riding.

I took the bike outside and got on it. The street was dark and cold, with a slight breeze ruffling the sleeves of my nero. I wrapped my jacket tighter around me and headed east, past my building and along the Kierenrat. Kierenrat was a pretty standard street for Ascentur, three-four story buildings around 50 years old lining both sides, with the occasional streetlight casting an off-yellow light onto the icy street. Most of the windows were lit, and pneumatic lines ran across overhead, connecting the houses. Ahead of me was a wrought-iron bridge, over which the train to Bergentur ran every few minutes. There was a big old tree just after the bridge - an Ascenlaan, large and bare and kind of eerie in the darkness of the morning. Vines and flowering climbers covered most of the buildings, bare in the midwinter of Herrmond. Most people hated the plants and their ubiquity, they always ruined the integrity of buildings when no-one could afford them to – but I kind of loved them. The way the flowers bloomed in Summer and covered the walls of all the buildings in this blanket of red and yellow and pink and sometimes blue – and the way they smelt like life and freedom and joy. That was the beauty of the Summer.

But now everything was cold and dead. The buildings were cracking in certain parts and the vines looked almost burnt in their barrenness. I turned left next to the bridge, down Kistenrat. There was a big hill here – I could see the lights of the Middle City in the distance, gold and amber with the business of the early morning. I could see the towers of the Zlatvatun and Byrntur Castle, narrow peaks of black in the slowly paling sky. I flied down the steep hill, trying not to lose control on the slippery ice of the street. I turned right and then left, past a few more streets until I stopped at a Knernthal on the corner of Fern- and Nc. Rescenturrat. A few people were inside, drinking Metcho or sleeping. I’d always found the Knernthal a bit weird. People came in the night to drink Kaasc and get all happy and dizzy and pass out, but then the next morning people came for Metcho to wake up and read the news.

“Hej Aletcs!” said a voice from behind me.

Dach Lechie!” I responded “what’s happening?”

Eja, nothing much kai” he answered, riding his bike next to mine as we both started moving away from the Knernthal and his street.

Kachte my leg hurts though. I got my K1 Heljaar last night”

“Shit I forgot. How was it?”

“Fucking hurt but looks sick as kai. I’ll show you guys at school”.

We both rounded the bend and headed towards Dantoscirat. Kata and Eljana normally met us both further along, close to where they lived in West Ascentur. Lechie started humming a song.

“What is that?” I asked, grinning.

“It’s Kane Ériko’s new song, it’s fucking lit. ‘deru-iʃ tse’ or something” he said, his pronunciation terrible.

“I still can’t believe your into ‘Ka-Ka’. I mean, kachte, Lechie. Really?“

"What? Her stuff is good” he started to sing tse e ko really loudly and really terribly.

I actually scoffed. “Just because she’s hot does not justify listening to absolute shit Lechie”.

Kach’er” he said, smiling sheepishly. Lechie and I had been in the same class since the Praterjar and were best friends. He lived near me too, so we would ride over to each other’s apartments and wander the streets for ages. As kids we’d catch the Bergentur line into the Middle City from Ascentur and spend the day looking for Hachescdrogen. Mostly that entailed pointing at weird old people and accusing them of being demons. Sometimes we’d sneak into the movies and watch some old film from Pashran about killing Makrosists or Vespians or something. It was fun.

"Lechie, you can here your Ai-blaspheming voice from ten miles away" said Kata, rounding the corner behind us on her bright red bike.

"I agree" added Eljana, coming around the bend too. "If you keep singing like that you're bound to summon a Dzar from the Void."

"Just because you don't like my singing doesn't mean it's not fine art" retorted Lechie, adopting his usual pained expression that he wore whenever he thought he was a misunderstood genius. "You know they never appreciated any of the music of Kisa Nameroce during his lifetime, and then he went and killed himself and the world finally realised what they'd missed out on"

"Right then, well I guess I'll finally admit you're a good singer and not just obsessed with Ka-Ka's boobs when you've killed yourself".

I laughed as the four of us continued north towards the Echbajar. We were almost there now. Other kids on bikes or on foot were gathering either side of us as we made our way to Dantoscirat, the main street that ran between Celberg and Ascentur. It was still really dark, but at least the buildings were nicer here. We went over a small bridge that went over one of the main canals in this part of the city, the water slow and a lifeless black in the pre-dawn.

"I thought we could go into the Middle City after school today guys" said Kata again "you know, considering we finish early and all".

"sounds lit" replied Lechie. It was always fun hanging out with these guys, particularly in the Middle City. There was so much to do, so many people walking through the colourful streets that smelt of kjirksen and market goods.

"yeah I'm down" I added, as we rode our bikes through the high iron gate into the Echbajar.

6:55 AM – Pjentach, 30. Hermond 5995 Ʋ[edit | edit source]

Celberg, Byrn, Republic of Krai.

Mara Tsenjadubrisci[edit | edit source]

Mara Elejana Tsenjadubrisci (née Kerevatscko)
Mara Tsenjadubrisci.jpg
Mara in 5995 Ʋ.
Pronunciation ['mara ɛlɛ'jana 'tsɛnja:du'briɕi]
Born 5th of September 5913 Ʋ, aged 82.
Nationality Krai, ethnically Metsian.
Education Home schooled.
Spouse(s) Keravan Tsenjadubrisci (husband, deceased)
Children Kora Dantosci (née Tsenjadubrisci) (daughter), Lechijaar Tsenjadubrisci (son), Khandor Tsenjadubrisci (son)
  • Alechjar Kerevatcsko (father)
  • Elejana Kerevatscko (née Merdonitsc) (mother)
Relatives Mikko Kerevatcsko (brother, deceased), Lila Kerevatcsko (sister, deceased), Jotan Kerevatcsko (brother, deceased)

82 year old female Metsian refugee who has lived in Gdzynia for 50 years.

Dantosc Maarke[edit | edit source]

Dantosc Mjernach Maarke
Dantosc Maarke.jpg
Dantosc in 5995 Ʋ.
Pronunciation ['dɑntɔʂ 'mjɛɐ̯nax 'mɑ:rkɛ]
Born 13th of March 5941 Ʋ, aged 54.
Nationality Krai, ethnically half-Khatyr
Education Pesctur Regional Tescajar, Pesctur, Erdentur.
Spouse(s) Kjeru Maarke (née Oscterbohr)
Children Keran Maarke (son), Nikosc Maarke (son), Eljena Maarke (daughter), Kascer Maarke (son).
  • Rejarn Maarke (father)
  • Nora Maarke (née Khatyrnovak) (mother)
Relatives Laan Maarke (brother), Ceruko Maarke (brother).

45 year old Krai male from the farming village of Salnebrandt north of Maras.

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