Republic of Pashtunistan

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Republic of Pashtunistan
د پښتونستان جمهوريت
Flag of Afghanistan (2004–2013).svg
First: 1990–1992
Second: 1992–1997
Coat of arms
Coat of arms
Capital Kabul
Languages Pashto, Dari
Demonym Pashtun
Government Presidential republic (provisional government)
 •  1990–1997 Sibghatullah Mojaddedi
Prime Minister
 •  1990–1992 Abdul Rahim Ghafoorzai
 •  1992–1996 Gulbuddin Hekmatyar
 •  1996–1997 Arsala Ahmadzai
Historical era post-Cold War
 •  Fall of the SDRP 1990
 •  Restoration of monarchy 1997
Currency Afghani
Warning: Value not specified for "continent"

The Republic of Pashtunistan (Pashto: د پښتونستان جمهوريت) was a phase in the history of Pashtunistan from December 1990, with the fall of the Communist government, until September 1997 when the Pashtun National Liberation Front retook Kabul from Taliban and other rebel forces and restored the Barakzai monarchy. An early transitional government was established but disagreements over its structure and the role of Islamic law led to the a breakdown in the opposition coalition that established it in April 1992. A coup occurred in Kabul, leading to an Islamist takeover. In 1994 these forces consolidated as the Taliban and the government to evacuate to other parts of the country, while the Taliban proclaimed the "Islamic State of Pashtunistan." President Sibghatullah Mojaddedi served as its president for the entirety of its existence and the Republic remained internationally recognised by the League of Nations as the legitimate government of Pashtunistan.

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Main: Soviet–Pashtun War

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