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Map of Riden.svg
Area 5,361,192.55 km2 (2,069,968.02 sq mi)
Population 3,573,117,468 (5995 Ʋ)
Population density TBD
GDP (nominal) TBD
GDP per capita TBD
Demonym Ridenese
Time zones TBD
Largest cities
Riden (Chevese: Reton, Dumari: Rhuyaris, Enkanese: Hazie, Kai: Kai R.svgKai I.svgKai D.svgKai E.svgKai N.svg, Jai: Kai R.svgKai I.svgKai V.svgKai E.svgKai N.svg, Memuian: Ree Daan, Sayosi: Ridena, Tayarish: Litoma, Ujan: Yamagh, Xana: Yamakra), also known as the Riden Peninsula, is a geographic area in Central Kai-Meridia, forming the eastern protrusion of the Kai subcontinent. It is bordered by the Ninduri Sea (Meridian Ocean) to the north (separates Riden from Tersa), the Kai Sea to the east (separates Riden from Western Assai), the Chevïs Sea to the south (separates Riden from Cadisia), and the country of Memu to the west. The corresponding adjective is Ridenese.

In contemporary definition, Riden is subdivided into four regions: Riden Gateway, the region between the Adashi Mountains and Tripartite Delta which separates Riden from Memu and the Kanosphere, and the Enkan Plains and the Fins of Jäh; Central Riden, the region consisting of the Plain of Helm and the Great Riden Forest; Sayoria, the northern central coastal states of Riden facing the Ninduri Sea; and Eastern Riden, the region consisting of the states surrounding the Shiamori Mountains.

The region is culturally, linguistically, and ethnically diverse. Kaijin, Dumari, Momoic, Chevs, Sayorians, Palionars, and Keudas form the largest ethnic groups in Riden, with the Kaijin constituting the largest ethnic group by accounting for over three-fourths of the peninsula's population. It is home to the world's largest populations of Ramvokists, Ainists, Jähimajiists, and also has large populations of Gnievists and Zheaniists. Overall, it accounts for about 37.48% of Kai-Meridia's population, and 29.79% of the world's population. Fourteen countries are members of the Kaijin League of Nations and the Meridia Customs Union.

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