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Rocket Boy

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 This article is part of Altverse II. This page is for a Sierran person in Altverse II.
Rocket Boy
Rocket Boy.jpg
Photo of Rocket Boy in 2014
Born (1998-08-28) August 28, 1998 (age 25)
Nationality Sierran
Organization Free Styxie Society
Known for Bernheim arson attacks
Movement Dissident republicanism
Criminal charge(s) Multiple acts of arson, Multiple acts of urban terrorism
Criminal status Active

Rocket Boy is the alias of an unidentified Sierran male criminal who has committed multiple acts of arson and urban terrorism in the province of San Joaquin since 2014. He first emerged into the public sphere in 2014 following reports of arson attacks on a library in Bernheim for hosting an event held by the provincial Royalist Party chapter. Images of him with a makeshift rocket launcher surfaced due to an investigation which found the picture on the site New Republic, but the culprit is yet to be identified. Rocket Boy has claimed responsibility for multiple acts of arson and is a member of the Free Styxie Society, a dissident radical republican movement active within the Styxie. He was also revealed to be a frequent visitor of radical republican websites and on the deep web.

Known information

Information about Rocket Boy is limited, even information about his family is limited since they have little online activity and the culprit himself has spoken little about them and only shows censored photographs of them. From what could be deciphered by authorities, Rocket Boy was born in the city of Richmond on August 28th, 1998. Proof of this was from an online post in 2016 which had a picture of him at age two in the year 2000 dated August 28th with the caption saying "Me at age 2". The picture was found on the site Underground State, a web forum filled with radical and dissident republicans, and the culprit owned an account and was active under the username BoyfromRich98. According to archived records, BoyfromRich98 was on the list of top 10 most active users and was very well known and popular on the site. In 2011, the culprit made a post on October 17th commemorating the death of Elizabeth I of Sierra stating that "she was a corrupt monarch who ruled over the people of Sierra and lived a life of luxury and privilege off the backbones of hardworking Sierrans" and wished that she was the last monarch and had no successor lined up.

In 2012, he posted on the chat that he joined there Free Styxie Society to "liberate the people of the Styxie from royalist tyranny" and wished that there was a second civil war claiming that it would be the only way to "finally end the tyrannical monarchy and bring a free and equal society to Sierra. He was also active on the forums of Reddit, most notable r/Landon and the official subedit of the Communist Party of Sierra, but was banned from the former due to calling for the assassination of Prime Minister Steven Hong for "betraying the cause" of the Democratic-Republican Party. In 2016 when Dylan Coulter assassinated Hong, the culprit posted a picture of him holding a beet with the caption saying "a blessing has fallen upon us tonight".

Timeline of activities

Police investigation

Potential suspects

Michael Whitewater

One of the first suspects was Michael Whitewater (born 1997), a known member of the United Syndicates of Sierra and one of its most vocal and militant supporters. Whitehall had only been seen wearing dissident republican uniforms whenever in public and had praised the attacks by Rocket Boy, but was taken into custody due to being a possible suspect due to having a similar online track record to the culprit as well multiple eye witnesses saying that he wore similar garbs to the perpetrator. An investigation into his record revealed that he was most likely not a suspect as he was born on February 14th, 1997 and the culprit was born sometime in August 1997 or 1998. Whitewater was still held in custody as his online records showed he had contact with the culprit, but refused to reveal the information and even then had no knowledge of who Rocket Boy was. He was eventually released from prison in November 2017.

Mitchell Mckay

Daniel Stevenson


Possible victims

Throughout the various crimes the culprit was either the perpetrator of or a part of, no one has been killed in attacks he's carried out due to a statement in his manifesto, but many have claimed to have fallen victim to his attacks, typically being injured, or were viticms of an attack he was a part of, but not the sole perpetrator.

Carley Whitely

Carley Whitely (born 1999) had attended an event known as the Democratic-Royalists Meeting in Bernheim on October 24th, 2017. She was one of the leading hosts for the Democratic-Republican attendants, and was at the event when the building they were in was attacked by dissident republican insurgents using teargas and fireworks. She tried to get to her car, but it was destroyed by a firework that was launched from an unknown point. Since Rocket Boy had carried out such attacks before, albeit on a smaller scale, he has been labeled as a potential suspect and Whitely claimed to have seen "a man that looked like him in the picture". Though no evidence has emerged to convict the culprit in the attack, the investigation still labels him as a possible attacker.