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Roman Catholic Diocese of the Arctic Pole

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Dioecesis Polus Articus

Bispedømmet Nordpolen
Country  Greenland
Territory Greenland and many surrounding islands
Metropolitan Immediately Subject to the Holy See
Area 2,166,086 km2 (836,330 sq mi)
- Total
- Catholics
(as of 2014)
57,741 (89%)
Parishes 5
Denomination Roman Catholic
Rite Latin
Established 10 December 1974
Cathedral Godthåb Cathedral
Secular priests 4
Current leadership
Pope Francis
Bishop Erik Jonas Andersen

The Roman Catholic Diocese of the Arctic Pole (Latin: Dioecesis Polus Articus, Danish: Bispedømmet Nordpolen) is a Latin diocese of the Roman Catholic Church that covers Greenland and several other nearby islands. The current bishop is Erik Jonas Andersen.

Originally established in 1855 as an apostolic province which covered all territories north of the Arctic Circle, in 1868 it was merged with the apostolic province for Norway. Greenland then remained under the jurisdiction of the Copenhagen diocese for decades, before Greenland's independence led to the recreation of the Apostolic Province of the Arctic Pole in 1926, only consisting of Greenland and its surrounding islands, and in 1974 it was promoted to a diocese.