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Royal Bureau of Investigation

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Royal Bureau of Investigation
Seal of the Royal Bureau of Investigation.svg
Seal of the Royal Bureau of Investigation
Standard of the Royal Bureau of Investigation.svg
Flag of the Royal Bureau of Investigation
Agency overview
Formed March 24, 1881; 142 years ago (1881-03-24)
Preceding agency
Type Domestic intelligence and federal law enforcement agency
Jurisdiction Her Royal Majesty's Government
Headquarters Lance Q. Wilkes Building,
Flag of Gold Coast.svg Porciúncula, Gold Coast, K.S.
Motto Honor, Valor, Justice
Employees 13,557
Annual budget $7.3 billion (KSD)
Agency executives
  • Davis Warsoff, Commissioner
  • Matthew Kutner, Deputy Commissioner
  • Rodrigo Ocana, Assistant Deputy Commissioner
The Royal Bureau of Investigation, commonly known as the RBI, is the domestic intelligence and security agency of the Kingdom of Sierra and the primary federal law enforcement agency. It is a core member of the Sierran Intelligence Community and is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Justice. It is tasked with investigating and prosecuting most federal offenses, conducting domestic counterintelligence and counterterrorism operations, engaging in domestic espionage activities, and protecting the national security and commercial interests of Sierra. It reports directly to both the Attorney General and the Spymaster General.

Although the RBI has law enforcement functions, it is not a national police or secret police force (like the defunct Purple Shirts) and it describes itself as a national security agency instead. Unlike its foreign intelligence counterpart, the Royal Intelligence Agency, the RBI is primarily domestic-based. However, the RBI does have limited overseas functions through its international Liaison Offices where it works alongside local law enforcement agencies and foreign security offices. The RBI maintains 27 field offices in major populated areas throughout Sierra and 200 local stations in smaller communities.

Its primary objectives and responsibilities are to combat terrorism, foreign intelligence operations, foreign cyber-based attacks, political corruption, civil rights violations, transnational and international organized crime, major white-collar crime, major violent crimes, sex trafficking, and child sexual abuse cases.

The RBI employs over 13,000 field agents and officials, including 5,000 additional contracted employees that support the agency's activities and operations. The agency is headquartered at the Lance Q. Wilkes Building in Downtown Porciúncula, Gold Coast.



During the first few decades of Sierra's history, the federal government relied on local and provincial law enforcement agencies to investigate and enforce federal law. During the Sierran Civil War, the Sierran government increasingly depended on the services of the Sierran Secret Service and the Sierran Marshals Service to perform federal investigations and apprehend Republican sympathizers. It also contracted the services of private investigation agencies such as the Pinkerton Agency.

In 1881, Parliament approved a law which would create the autonomous Royal Bureau of Investigation to monitor and capture federally wanted criminals under the direction of the Ministry of Justice. Earlier, the Ministry's attorney general and administrative staff complained of the lack of resources and funding necessary to carry out their operations. Similarly, the Sierran Secret Service and Marshals Service were understaffed and complained of the overwhelming amount of casework assigned to them, which detracted the organizations from their primary responsibilities.

The Royal Bureau of Investigation was given broad powers and jurisdictional authority over the law enforcement of the federal law. Most of the agents recruited had prior experience as county sheriffs and deputies. Sierran Civil War veterans were also recruited as field agents, especially for casework and assignments in the Styxie where the region was undergoing post-war reconstruction efforts. In 1886, just five years following the bureau's creation, the number of agents was over 4,600, representing the country's fastest-growing public institution at the time. The bureau's rapid expansion was seen as a necessary means to accommodate Sierra's growing population, as well as the increasing importance and power of the post-war federal government.

20th century

The RBI saw a transformative period of organizational restructuring, better funding, and operational expansion during the Sierran Cultural Revolution. Its agents were frequently employed to break up radical republican circles and nativist rings in the Styxie. It was empowered to investigate racially charged crimes or incidents, and developed a comprehensive criminal record database that it shared with other federal agencies and provincial governments.

It directed its attention towards combatting international organized crime during the 1920s as the Revolution's ideals came under the responsibility of the Purple Shirts. Under the leadership of Commissioner Keith Garvey, the RBI apprehended or killed notorious criminals and gang leaders such as "Sagebush" Jetson, Nicholas "No Face" Parker, Harvey "Dragon" Chun, and Luigi Pompeo. Garvey targeted prostitution rings, opium dens, and saloons which he believed were "dens of vice", and campaigned for anti-vagrancy laws in cities. Local and municipal law enforcement agencies regularly procured the services of the RBI to assist them with anti-organized crime operations. The RBI also maintained an extensive network of double agents and informants that included former gang members who were offered witness protection.

21st century


Davis Warsoff, the current Commissioner of the RBI

The RBI is organized into separately functioning branches and the Executive Office of the Commissioner. All of the branches are headed by an assistant deputy commissioner. Geographically, the RBI is divided into six regions in the Kingdom of Sierra: Northwest (Pacific Northwest provinces), Central (the Styxie), Central East (the Nevadan provinces, the Deseret, West Colorado, and Sweetwater), Southwest (the Southwest Corridor, Hawaii, and Pacific outlying territories), Southeast (the Arizonian provinces and West New Mexico), and El Norte (Bajaría and Caribbean outlying territories). Each division is headed by a commander who oversees the division's operations and activities as an administrator. All commanders report to the Executive Office of the Commissioner. All of the divisions feature the regional counterparts of the central organization's branches. Each division is further divided into districts, which are based in either field stations or local stations.

The branches and sub-branches of RBI are as the following:

  • Intelligence Branch
  • National Security and Counterterrorism Branch
    • Counterintelligence Division
    • Counterterrorism Division
    • Weapons of Mass Destruction Division
  • Criminal Investigations Branch
    • Anti-Corruption and Bribery Division
    • Child and Adolescent Protection Division
    • Civil Rights Division
    • Drug Crimes Division
    • Financial Crimes and Counterfeiting Division
    • Sexual Crimes and Abuse Division
    • Organized Crime Division
    • White Collar Crimes Division
  • Cyber-intelligence and Technology Branch
    • Online Monitoring Division
    • Intellectual Property Crimes Division
    • Online Fraud Division
  • Internal Affairs Branch
    • RBI National Academy
    • Office of Training
    • Office of Professional Integrity and Stewardship
    • Hostage Crisis School
    • Hazardous Objects Training School
  • Information and Public Relations Branch
    • Central Crime Reporting Center
    • Behavioral Analysis Unit
    • Office of Education and Public Safety
    • Center for Missing Persons
    • Science and Laboratory Support Office

Legal authority

The RBI derives its authority from Title 16 of the Sierra Code, Section 178, which authorizes the Attorney General "to appoint officials to investigate and prosecute individuals for crimes against the Kingdom of Sierra". Other federal statutes and acts of Parliament further empower the RBI to investigate specific crimes. Such crimes include but are not limited to those considered racketeering, terrorism, white collar crimes, civil rights violations, child sexual abuse cases, sex trafficking crimes, intellectual property crimes, online fraud, crimes committed on Amerindian reservations, crimes committed on federal property, crimes committed on military bases or facilities, and serious crimes committed overseas by K.S. citizens and nationals.

It shares overlapping responsibilities and jurisdictions with a number of other federal agencies. For instance, the RBI and the Bureau of Narcotics Control (BNC) are empowered to enforce Sierra's federal drug and narcotics law. The latter is primarily focused on suppressing illicit drug trafficking and preventing illegal drug trade, which are both under the scope of the RBI. Similarly, the RBI and the Bureau of Firearms and Explosives (BFE) are responsible for the investigation and prosecution of unlawful use, manufacture, and possession of weapons, ammunition, and explosives. Both agencies are also concerned with cases of arson and bombings.

All RBI special agents are lawfully peace officers and may exercise the power of arrest anywhere in Sierra (excluding embassies, consular offices, private property without a warrant or probable cause, military bases, or restricted areas) for any public offense that may poses immediate danger, injury, bodily harm, or death of a person or destruction of property.

Unique to RBI among Sierra's law enforcement agencies is its special jurisdiction and investigative powers in Amerindian reservations. It, alongside the Royal Bureau of Amerindian Affairs Police, are the only federal law enforcement agencies which may enter, investigate, search, apprehend, arrest, and prosecute individuals who have committed crimes in Amerindian reservations. Furthermore, if the RBI is given consent to receive deputization within an Amerindian reservation or area by the tribal government, its officers may enforce tribal law.


Lance Q. Wilkes Building

The Royal Bureau of Investigation's headquarters, the Lance Q. Wilkes Building, is located in Downtown Porciúncula, Gold Coast. It also maintains 27 field offices throughout the country, as well as 30 legal attachés at Sierran embassies and consulates worldwide. Additional RBI facilities including its information processing centers and records are located in Santa Clarita, Gold Coast and Simi Valley, Gold Coast.

The Sierran Forensic Science Laboratory is located at the Royal Marines Corps Base Cheeseboro in Conejo Groves, Gold Coast. The laboratory provides forensic analysis support services to the RBI, as well as other federal, provincial, and local law enforcement agencies. It is the nation's leading crime lab and was established in 1936.


In the fiscal year 2020, the Bureau's budget was approximately $7.3 billion KSD. On average, it receives the largest annual budget allocation out of any Ministry of Justice agency and one of the largest in the entire federal government.


As of September 30, 2021, the RBI had a total of 13,557 employees. Of the 13,557 employees, 5,028 were special agents and the remainder were support professionals with responsibilities ranging from forensics to linguistics. Another 5,239 private contractors work directly with the RBI.

To date, since the foundation of RBI, there have been a total of 25 RBI agents who have died while on the line of duty.

Prospective RBI agents must be between the ages of 23 and 40. Agents must have K.S. citizenship only (dual citizens are not eligible), be of high moral character and temperament, have no criminal background (excluding minor traffic violations), and hold at least a four-year bachelor's degree. Preferred candidates must also be proficient in another language other than English and have at least three years of professional work experience. All employees, including agents and support staff, require a top security clearance, and are subject to an extensive background check and verification process. Special agents must pass the RBI's physical fitness test, and all employees must pass a polygraph examination. All employees are required to have not used any illicit drug or controlled substance, including marijuana, unless they have received medical clearance to do so in their jurisdiction of domicile.

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