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It is the year 366 3E, in the third known era of human history. At the end of the second era, mankind had poisoned the Earth through pollution, genetic manipulation and an insatiable lust for power, and the price that was paid for their sheer lunacy was no less than the Earth itself. The atmosphere has been all but burned off, and the surface made impossible to live on. Unending storms of extreme velocity and violence continuously grind the land, and any attempt at resettlement ends only in failure.

But mankind is resourceful. They do what all living beings must do to survive. Adapt.

Now the heavens are ruled by mankind, with settlements and manned facilities running from Mercury to as far out as the moons of Saturn, and nearly all of it is run by the Union of Terran Industrialists a syndicate of Corporate families that aims at the complete domination and servitude of humanity. The government exists only as a tool of the Corporations, and the independent peoples of Sol are growing fewer in number.

But hidden in plain sight are the few who would wage a war against the Corporations, to free the peoples of the Sol system from unjust laws and unfair taxes. To expose the lies and dark secrets of the Corporations, and hopefully ensure a future for all of mankind.

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