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Rules of Altverse

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The rules of Altverse were adopted by the community on May 11, 2020, primarily in response to a dispute between two members over ownership of a territory. These rules are intended to implement a mechanism to deal with such future disputes and to provide an orderly system of business for the project.


Rule 1: Altverse shall be led by an Arbiter, who shall be chosen every six months by the members of Altverse by a simple majority.

Rule 2: Any user who has been a member of Altverse for longer than three months is eligible to submit their candidacy for the election of the Arbiter.

Rule 3: The Arbiter shall be the judge and referee of all matters regarding Altverse and shall ensure an orderly atmosphere.

Rule 4: The Arbiter shall have the power to review and, with the advice of the members present, approve or reject all applications for membership to Altverse.

Rule 5: The Arbiter shall have the power to decide, settle, and mediate any disputes between members of Altverse.

Rule 6: Should the Arbiter resign, become absent for two weeks without indicating a prior leave, or any event occur which leaves the office vacant, the members of Altverse shall fill the vacancy, under the process of Rule 1, for the remainder of the term.

Rule 7: Any user wishing to join Altverse shall submit an application to the community, in particular detailing their proposed work of their authorship.

Rule 8: A user shall be considered a member of Altverse upon approval of their proposal.

Rule 9: Any member of Altverse that has become absent for one month without indicating a prior leave reviewed and acknowledged by the Arbiter shall be considered removed from Altverse.

Rule 10: Any member deemed to be in violation of these rules or disruptive to the project may, at the initiation of at least two other members, be expelled from Altverse upon the consent of two-thirds of the members. In cases of plagiarism, the Arbiter may unilaterally expel a member from Altverse.

Rule 11: Any member who has been removed from Altverse under Rule 9 or Rule 10 shall have their works be considered under the custodianship of the Arbiter until ownership is awarded to another member at their discretion or removed from the canon of Altverse.

Rule 12: Any member may resign from the project upon the notification of, and the acknowledgment from, the Arbiter, at which point they shall be considered removed from Altverse.

Rule 13: Any member who has been removed from Altverse under Rule 12 shall have their works be considered under the ownership or custodianship of whichever member they designate to have such ownership or custodianship.

Rule 14: These rules may be amended or a new rule be added upon the initiation of at least four members. A proposed amendment or new rule shall be considered part of these rules upon the consent of three-fourths of the members.

Rule 15:
"canon" means the history and storyline of the Altverse project as accepted and acknowledged by the members.
"author" and "authorship" mean being the original creator of a work.
"owner" and "ownership" mean having exclusive rights to and control over a work.
"custodian" and "custodianship" mean holding a work in trust until it can be designated an owner.


As of May 11, 2020, there have been no amendments to the rules.