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Russia (Terra Fidelis)

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The Russian Empire at its height.

Russia is a large nation covering much of Eastern Europe & Siberia. It is a representative democracy (a republic). It began as a Slavic ethnic group that branched off from it's nearest relatives (at the time also called Russians) shortly after the beginning of the second millennium AD. It conquered those relatives, among other nations, under Ivan the Terrible, who declared himself Czar (Caesar) of all Russias. Peter the Great was Czar from 1682 to 1725. His son Alexei allied himself with Hungary & died childless from torture, ending the male line of Romanovs. He was succeeded by his wife, who was succeeded by his niece who was succeeded by his daughter, who was succeeded by her nephew Michael, son of Peter's daughter Anna. In the wake of the Russo-British Spoil, even before which Russia had lost 15% of it's forces taking Manchuria from China most of these broke away, leaving not much more than Ukraine & Belarus (its close relatives) Chuvashistan, Komia, Shoria & Chulyma, Nivkhia, Negidalia, Paleosiberia and southern Alaska. In 1888 near-simultaneous revolts in Ukraine & Komia allowed Nivkhia, Paeleosiberia & Tlingitia to also successfully revolt. Because of these humiliating losses, the Czar was overthrown and democracy established. The new government quickly proved its mettle by conquering central Alaska. Capital: Moscow