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This article is about the modern Polish-Lithuanian voivodeship of Ruthenia. For the historical region, see Ruthenia.
Ruthenia (en)
Ruś (pl)
Rutenija (lt)
Voivodeship of Poland
Flag of Ruthenia Provincial seal of Ruthenia
Flag Seal
Nickname(s): Little Belarus
Motto(s): Niech Bóg Nas Strzeże
(Polish: May God Preserve Us)
Provincial song(s): "Serce Naszego Kraju, o Rusi"
"Heart of Our Country, oh Ruthenia"
Location of Ruthenia in Poland-Lithuania
Official language(s)
Demonym Ruthenian(s)
Capital Brest-Litovsk
Largest city Brest-Litovsk
Area Ranked 5th
 • Total 35,646.21 sq mi
(13,763.00 km2)
Population Ranked 8th
 • Total 3,018,939
 • Density 84.69/sq mi  (219.35/km2)
Ranked TBD
Formation August 2, 1945
Voivode Piotr Kaczerowski-Pieśni
Legislature Ruthenian Regional Government
 • Upper house Ruthenian Regional Senate
 • Lower house Ruthenian Regional Assembly
P.L. Senators Anna Maria Łubosławski (SPL)
Andrzej Pałowski (ZPL)
Alexander Kanachikov (PCD)
P.L. Sejm 25 Sejm Members
9 Solidarity
10 Christian Democrats
4 United
2 Other
Time zone Central European Time
UTC +1/UTC +2
Abbreviations RU, Ruś

Ruthenia (Polish: Ruś, Lithuanian: Rutenija, Belorussian: рутэнія (rutenija)), sometimes called Rus or, archaically, Black Ruthenia, is a Voivodeship of Poland in the east of Poland-Lithuania. It is the 5th largest and 8th most populous voivodeship in Poland, and home to the greatest number of officially recognised minority languages and ethnic groups in Poland-Lithuania. As one of the six Polish voivodeships, Ruthenia is represented in the Polish Sejm and speaks Polish as its principle official language, along with Lithuanian, Belorussian, and Ukrainian as co-official or recognised regional languages.



Proto- and Early History

Middle Ages

Early Modern Era

Early 20th Century

Late 20th Century






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