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IPA [saːkɛ'tʷabɛ]
His name in Modern Paakkani Script
Klahoni leader
In office
probably around 1780 BU – probably around 1760 BU
Preceded by Unknown (his father)
Succeeded by Kabudoke
Personal details
Born probably around 1800 BU
Died probably around 1760 BU
Children Kabudoke
Religion Old Paakkani Mythology

Saaketwabe is the first known ruler of the Klahoni tribe but he probably was a son of previous Chief who's name is unknown. He ruled over Klahoni Tribe around early XVIII century BU. He was the father of Chief Kabudoke.

Nothing is known about this ancient Chief but he most likely practiced Old Paakkani Mythology as his belief system and spoke Ancient Paakkani. He may have lived in Klahota, because it was the biggest village in their territory.