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Safira (Azui: Sa Bhirea), officially the Holy See or the Holy See of Safira (Azui: Sa Bhirea Bogh Dai), is a nation in southern Kai-Meridia, the world's second smallest country behind only The Valleys in Western Assai, and bordering Cadisia to the south and the Chevïs Sea to the north, east and west. Despite being located outside of the Korat and Assai subcontinent as a whole, Safira has the largest percentage demographic of Ainists in the world relative to population size at over 99% of the population, and is the last remaining true Ainist theocracy.

The capital is Safira City, which is home to the (?) - the head of the Church of Safira and one of the three recognised Great Leaders of the Ainist Church, along with the Tsai of Ria and the TBC of Balisar.