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San Francisco Provincial Assembly

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San Francisco Provincial Assembly
Asamblea Provincial de San Francisco (es)
Assemblée provinciale de San Francisco (fr)
Provinzversammlung von San Francisco (gr)
샌프란시스코 지방 의회 (kr)
Hội đồng tỉnh San Francisco (vt)
68th Provincial Assembly of San Francisco
Coat of arms or logo
Indira JohannesenDR
Since August 10th, 2010
Avery WatsonSD
Since August 10th, 2015
Majority Leader
Michael J. KrugerDR
Since August 10th, 2015
Minority Leader
Benjamin GrantR
Since August 10, 2015
Seats 140
San Francisco Provincial Assembly 2015.svg
Political groups

Progressive Coalition


Party-list system
Last election
August 10, 2015
Next election
August 10, 2020
Meeting place
San Francisco City Hall Building
sf assembly.gc.ks

The San Francisco Provincial Assembly is the provincial unicameral assembly of the province of San Francisco of the Kingdom of Sierra. The assembly only consists of one body, that being the provincial assembly, and is based within the provincial capital and largest city of San Francisco City and convenes in the city hall building as the daily session room. Elections are held once every five years on August 10th since 1905 and the last election was in 2015.

Since the 1960s, the Democratic-Republicans and left-wing political parties such as the Social Democrats and the Greens have dominated provincial politics due to the strong presence of counter-culture and anti-establishment sentiments that permeates in the province even into the modern era. Since 2011, the assembly has been dominated by the Progressive Coalition, an electoral alliance made up of the Democratic-Republican, Social Democratic Committee, and Green Party. The coalition in general holds a supermajority in the assembly holding 117 seats with the remaining 23 being held by the Royalist Party, Christian Democratic Association, and Libertarian Party who are all part of the Conservative Alliance since 2015.


Session schedule

Elections and term limits

Assembly leadership

Elective committees

Record keeping

Legislative procedure


Assembly leadership

The Provincial Assembly has been lead by Indira Johannesen since 2010 and has served as the President of the Assembly throughout her tenure as Lieutenant Governor. Michael J. Kruger has served as the Assembly Majority Leader since 2015 and is the Chairman of Assembly Affairs for the Progressive Coalition. Both Johannesen and Kruger are leaders of the San Francisco Democratic-Republican Party and are called the "faces" of the Progressive Coalition and the leftist sociopolitical nature of the province. Benjamin Grant has served as the Assembly Minority Leader and is the highest-ranking member of the San Francisco Royalist Party represented in parliament. As the minority leader, Grant is responsible for leading the opposition against the coalition as head of the Conservative Alliance. Avery Watson is the current Speaker of the Assembly as well as the leader of the San Francisco chapter of the Social Democratic Party. The current roaster of the Assembly's leadership was formed in 2015 during the 2015 provincial assembly election.

Current composition

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