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San Joaquin Democratic-Republican Party

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San Joaquin Democratic-Republican Party
Leader Allison Perry
Chairperson Brandon Johnson
Deputy Chair Am Nguyen
Founded November 29, 1858
Headquarters 74 Street, Danville
San Joaquin
Ideology Majority:
 • Liberal conservatism
 • Cultural liberalism
 • Progressivism
 • Republicanism
 • Anti-monarchism
 • Social democracy
 • Democratic socialism
 • Left-wing populism
 • Landonism
 • Dissident republicanism
Political position Yellow flag waving.png Center-left
National affiliation Democratic-Republican Party of Sierra
Official colors      Blue
Provincial Senate
27 / 50
House of Assembly
51 / 110
K.S. Senate
3 / 3
K.S. House of Commons
8 / 11

The San Joaquin Democratic-Republican Party, commonly known as the San Joaquin Dem-Reps and abbreviated as SJDRP is the provincial affiliate of the Democratic-Republican Party of Sierra in the province of San Joaquin. The party's headquarters is currently based in Danville.

The party has a long history in the province and has historically been the dominant force in San Joaquinian politics. In the contemporary era, the San Joaquin Democratic-Republicans are the largest party in the province holding over half of all seats in the San Joaquin Provincial Legislature with 55 seats in the Senate and 63 in the House of Assembly. The current provincial delegation to the Senate is made up of Democratic-Republicans and the party has nine seats out of twenty in the province's delegation to the House of Commons. The party is currently lead by Allison Perry, the current Governor of San Joaquin and a descendant of the first Democratic-Republican Prime Minister, Ulysses Perry. In comparison to the rest of the affiliates of the Democratic-Republican Party, the San Joaquin branch is one of the most conservative branches that the party has. While the San Joaquin Democratic-Republicans have seen a greater leftward shift in recent years, especially following the 2018 legislative elections as party of the national mid-term elections, there remain many strong conservative factions in the party.

The San Joaquin Democratic-Republicans are also known for being the most anti-monarchist and pro-republican affiliate in the province and one of the most pro-republican affiliates the Democratic-Republican Party has next to the San Francisco Democratic-Republican Party and Santa Clara Democratic-Republican Party. The party is closely linked to many republican organizations and is controversial for suspected ties towards groups affiliated with the dissident republican movement.


Formation and 1860s

The San Joaquin Democratic-Republican Party was founded in November 1858 not long after the province was admitted into the union. At the time of its creation, San Joaquin was a very rural agrarian province where most of the population lived on farms and worked in agriculture with the only notable urban areas being cities such as Bernheim and Danville. Because of this, the province quickly shifted in favor of the Democratic-Republicans who set up their headquarters in Danville and became the majority party by the 1860 parliamentary election. Throughout the 1860s as Sierra began to industrialize, conflict rose between the Democratic-Republicans and the Royalists and their respective bases. The Democratic-Republicans were supported mainly by farmers, conservatives and liberals and the Royalists were supported by Sierran Jacobites and throughout the 1860s conflict between DRP-aligned farmers and Royalist-aligned Jacobites resulted in sectarian violence that effaced the whole province. In 1868, a native San Joaquinier, Isaiah Landon, was elected leader of the party and was eventually elected to represent San Joaquin in the Senate as a Member of Parliament on the Democratic-Republican ticket in 1870. Landon was a known communist thinker and republican activist and was the most vocal critic of the monarchy in the years leading up to the civil war and an avid supporter of Ulysses Perry who won the province in the 1870 prime ministerial election.

1870 dawned with a renewed series of violent clashes and incidents across the province. On September 28 1870, a farm was attacked by arsonists and its owner injured. The attackers were accused of being Jacobites and this resulted in violent riots in Danville. In 1871, a bar in Bernheim owned by Democratic-Republicans barred Jacobites from entering the bar which resulted in the Bernheim bar riot which ended with four people dead, eighteen wounded, and over forty people arrested (both Jacobites and Democratic-Republicans). In 1872, a Jacobite community was attacked by Democratic-Republicans in response to accusations of Jacobites being responsible for the murder of a farmer and his wife. In February 1874 when Perry was founded missing and confiromed to be dead, riots broke out and the San Joaquin Democratic-Republicans rose to power and formed a new government excluding the Royalists and Jacobites from major seats and engaging in gerrymandering to maintain their legislative majority.

Sierran Civil War

On April 13 1874, the Sierran Civil War began and the first shots were fired in San Joaquin. On April 13, an insurrection broke out in Berheim leading to the Bernheim Revolt which saw the provincial government toppled by radical republicans and a new government lead by Landon took over. Radical Republicans in the Democratic-Republican Party were joined by the United Farmers' Front and other groups and the city quickly fell. Landon took over and became the leader of the self-proclaimed Second California Republic and San Joaquin was the first province to join the republic and was soon joined by Santa Clara, Reno and Tahoe. The San Joaquin Royalist Party was banned and its leaders arrested and the party forced to flee eastwards towards neighboring Clark. The Democratic-Republicans were the only legal political party in San Joaquin during the province's time as part of the Second California Republic, though moderate members and factions fled to Clark and other nearby provinces.

Reconstruction Era

Cultural Revolution

The Disturbances

Contemporary era





Elected officials

Provincial offices

Federal officeholders


House of Commons