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San Joaquin Provincial Legislature

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San Joaquin Provincial Legislature
2018-2022 Legislative Session
Coat of arms or logo
Chambers Senate
House of Assembly
Patrick Davis (DR)
Since October 16, 2007
Senate Majority Leader
Johnny Waters (DR)
Since October 16, 2018
Senate Minority Leader
Sharron Fueller (R)
Since October 16, 2018
Speaker of the Assembly
Brandon Johnson (DR)
Since October 16, 2018
Leader of the Opposition
Maria Winters (R)
Since October 16, 2018
Seats 160
50 Senate seats
110 Assembly seats
San Joaquin Provincial Senate 2018.svg
Senate political groups


  Greens (3)


  Royalists (10)
  Libertarians (1)
San Joaquin House of Assembly 2018.svg
House of Assembly political groups


  Greens (10)


  Royalists (20)
  Libertarians (3)
House of Assembly voting system
Party-list system
Senate last election
October 16, 2018
House of Assembly last election
October 16, 2018
Meeting place
Legislative Hall, Bernheim, San Joaquin

The San Joaquin Provincial Legislatura, officially the Provincial Legislature of San Joaquin, is the provincial legislature for the province of San Joaquin. It is a bicameral legislature consisting of two chambers; the Provincial Senate and the House of Assembly. The legislature has a total of 160 seats with the Senate having 50 and the House of Assembly having 110 seats since 2004 as part of the latest constitutional amendment and subsequent legislative reformation. As of 2018, both chambers are controlled by the Democratic-Republicans in a coalition with the Social Democrats and the Green Party. Like most provinces in Sierra, San Joaquin's legislature is based off of the Anglo-American federalist model with two chambers and each lead by a majority leader, though the position of Leader of the Provincial Opposition does exist in the House of Assembly.

Since the 2004 amendment to the Constitution of San Joaquin, the province holds legislative elections for the legislature once every four years on October with the recent being on October 16, 2018 and each session will last four years. The voting system for the legislature varies with the Senate using first-past-the-post and the House of Assembly using a system of party-list representation. Redistricting is left up to the legislature with the Legislative District Committee being the main body responsible for drawing San Joaquin's legislative and parliamentary districts. The issue of redistricting has been a long-standing controversy due to the province being infamous for gerrymandering which has resulted in legal cases that have reached the provincial supreme court. The legislature has been called the most controversial legislature in Sierra due to gerrymandering, polarization, and high levels of partisanship that have plagued the province's legislative process for years. Many analysts have also pointed out the legislature's reluctance to address the issue of dissident republicanism and radical monarchism.

Legislative Session Schedule

Terms and term limits

Record keeping

Legislative procedure

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Senate composition

House of Assembly composition



Role in the Styxie Conflict

Legal cases

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