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San Joaquin Royalist Party

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San Joaquin Royalist Party
Leader Sharron Fueller
Chairperson Maria Winters
Deputy Chair Chad Burnside
Founded November 29, 1858
Headquarters 58 Street, Richmond
San Joaquin
Ideology Majoirty:
 • Toryism
 • Social conservatism
 • Sierran humanism
 • Monarchism
 • Conservative liberalism
 • Paleoconservatism
 • Right-wing populism
 • New right
 • Radical monarchism
Political position Blue flag waving.png Center-right
National affiliation Royalist Party of Sierra
Official colors      Purple
Provincial Senate
10 / 50
House of Assembly
20 / 110
K.S. Senate
0 / 3
K.S. House of Commons
3 / 11

The San Joaquin Royalist Party, commonly known as the San Joaquin Royals and abbreviated as SJRP is the provincial affiliate of the Royalist Party of Sierra in the province of San Joaquin. The party's headquarters is based in Richmond.

The party was founded in 1858 and was one of the first parties to be established in San Joaquin after the province was admitted into the union alongside the San Joaquin Democratic-Republican Party, the party's primary rival. Throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, the Royalists position in San Joaquin provincial politics shifting from the opposition throughout the early period of Sierran history, a majority in the reconstruction period. During the Sierran Cultural Revolution, the Royalists voiced support for the revolution and gained support from many racial minorities in contrast to the anti-cultural revolution stance by the Reformed Republicans. In 2016, the Royalists won the Senate election with the election of Nemesis Heartwell, but lost the subsequent 2017 Senate election when Nathan Ross of the Democratic-Republicans won and secured her seat. As of 2018, the Royalists hold 27 seats in the Provincial Senate, 30 in the House of Assembly and eleven seats out of the province's 20 delegation to the House of Commons, though have not held a seat in the San Joaquin delegation to the Senate since 2017.

In contrast to the Democratic-Republicans, the San Joaquin Royalist Party is the most open and vocal of their pro-monarchist and opposition to republicanism compared to other chapters of the Royalist Party. While cultural republicanism is tolerated by the majority of party leaders and members, some factions are opposed to both cultural and political republicanism and the party is known for members having ties to the controversial radical monarchist movement.


Foundation and 1860s

Civil War and Reconstruction

Early 20th century

Cultural Revolution

World War II and Cold War

Contemporary era





Elected officials

Provincial offices

  • None

Federal officeholders


  • None

Most recent Royalist Senator was Nemesis Heartwell, a native San Joaquinier, who was elected in 2016 and won against Am Nguyen. She succeeded Daniel McComb and took his seat, but would later lose it to Nathan Ross of the Democratic-Republican Party.

House of Commons

  • Matthew Darwin: Representative of the 17th District
  • Jonathan Peterson: Representative of the 9th District

Assembly members