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Sandinista Party of Labor

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Sandinista Party of Labor
Partido sandinista del trabajo
President Louis Garcia
Founder Carlos Fonseca
Founded July 19th, 1961
Youth wing Sandino Youth League

Democratic Socialism
Liberal Socialism


Political position Left-Wing
Official colours Red

The Sandinista Party of Labor, also known for short as just the Sandinistas, is a major political party in Centroamerica. It is headed by Louis Garcia, who is also President of Centroamerica.

The Sandinistas have had a long history, with it starting from an activist known as Augusto Sandino who made and followed his own interpretations of Marxism and Landonism.


Marxist thought never had as much of a impact in Centroamerica, or any Latin America state for that matter, as Centroamerican society wasn’t based around the industrialism of Europe or North America. Centroamerica was more of an agrarian society and thus the Proletarian was not an influential or major class in Centroamerica.

This didn’t stop numerous socialist theorists from advocating for a new kind of socialism that incorporated agrarian elements into a traditionaly industrialist ideology. These agrarian socialists didn’t get much attention as much of the political scene at the time was focused on the 2 major political factions of the liberals and conservatives. Conservative Agrarianists also had a large dominance over the agrarian population.

Rise of Sandino