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Satcel, also known as TBD, is a geographical and political region in the northwestern reaches of Dyonia. Specific definitions could be based on other geographical factors such as climate and ecology. A broad definition would refer to the large peninsula to the north of the TBD mountain range. The Satcel region is home to the Kulëcin of Vjotercal.


The name "Satcel" comes from the Old Vjotercalic word satcal, meaning "our land."


Heklinnkäcal Taiga CARDINAL DIRECTION of TBD.

Satcel might be defined roughly to include some or all of the following areas: Rulalit, Heklinnkäcal, and the TBD.

Sajyfi bog land during winter.

The area is partly mountainous, mostly in the south and southeast in the TBD mountain range.

Satcel lies upon a subarctic plain, eponymously known as the Satcel plain.


Hikers in the Zåmzi tundra.

The Köppen climate classification of Satcel ranges between Dfc (Subarctic-boreal climate) and Cfc (Subpolar oceanic climate). Satcel is dominated by taiga, however several small ET (tundra) climatic regions exist in Satcel, notably the Sjäydö tundra and TBD peninsula in the Heklinnkäcal.


Satcel is primarily comprised of the Kulëcin of Vjotercal. Independent regions exist within Satcel, the majority of these being small nomadic communities.


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