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 This article was formerly part of Altverse or Altverse II and is no longer considered canon.
Scott Western
Scott giving a lecture in 2015
Scott Thornton Western

(1983-03-18) March 18, 1983 (age 39)
Laughlin, Clark, Sierra
Nationality Sierran
Occupation Blogger, political activist, spokesman of Republic
Organization Republic
Known for Leading republican advocate
Political party Libertarian Party of Sierra.svg Libertarian

Scott Thornton Western, commonly known as Scott Western (born March 18th, 1983), is a Sierran libertarian, blogger, and political activist who's the current head spokesman for Republic.

Born in Laughlin, Clark in 1983, Scott grew up in Southern Sierra and was born into a middle-class family and was raised in a libertarian household. He officially joined the Libertarian Party when he turned 18 in 2001 and began blogging in May of the same year. His blog, known as West's World, would soon grow over time with his stance against the monarchy gaining him attention. He became well known on online forums in republican sites and he eventually came across Republic, a political pressure group pushing for the abolition fo the monarchy. Scott admitted he was supportive of the republican movement in Sierra and said he supported a republic in 2003, though he stated that he opposed a government based around the ideas of Landonism believing them to be impractical.

In 2006 after graduating college, Scott traveled to Bernheim, San Joaquin and managed to get a job at Republic and worked at their main office in the city. In his free time, he studied the culture of the Styxie and managed to gain support from the local population after he continued blogging once he became an employee of Republic. During his college years, he took public speaking classes and gave lectures on why Sierra should be a republic and continued to give such lectures long after graduation. In 2011, Scott was made the official spokesman of Republic and gave his first lecture in Central Valley. Scott would travel all over the Styxie advocating for republicanism and eventually began speaking in other provinces in the kingdom, even ones that were staunchly pro-monarchist, and participated in debates with both monarchists and other republicans alike, mainly socialist and Landonist republicans.

Early life and career[edit | edit source]

Blogging and college years[edit | edit source]

Republican advocacy (2006-Present)[edit | edit source]

Political positions[edit | edit source]

Western styles himself as "a republican libertarian and a libertarian republican". He views monarchs as "living embodiments of the state" which thus run counter to libertarian vision of society.

Western argues that republicanism in Sierra is "more than just the desire for a Republic of Sierra", and sees that as a problem. He claims that Landonist roots of Sierran republicanism makes it unappealing to a large portion of Sierrans.