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Sea of oblivion

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The Sea of oblivion is a lake on Petra Tenebris, known as the original and primary contruction and dumping site for failed Sabled prototypes.


It is the only lake on Petra Tenebris to have a diameter larger than 100 meters and depth bigger than 10 meters and is by far the largest concentration of water on an otherwise dry environment. Unlike most lakes, which are shallow and volatile, the sea of oblivion originates from the concentrations of water that exist below the planet's surface but rarely leave the underground. As such, it cannot be evaporared and it's size can be expanded. It's water is contaminated and viscous, but generally clearer than smaller lakes. Because of it's properties, the water was essentially a huge conduit of black magic.

History and naming

The sea of oblivion, where our mistakes come to be forgotten

It's naming comes from it's size and purpose. From the viewer's perspective, the lake resembles a sea and looks nothing like the rest of the world. Small waves can occasionally form due to heavy particle rain, a phenomemon that occurs all across Petra Tenebris. After the Night crusades, Erebus used the lake's properties to construct the Sabled, an artificial race based on black magic that was more powerful, albeit more reliant on energy compared to the Nyx. When the prototypes ended up being unstable and too energy intensive, the Nyx used the lake to bury the corpses. Everliving named it the sea of oblivion, as it was the place where the failures of the Nyx came to be buried and forgotten.