Second Cold War

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Second Cold War
Result Ongoing

 Conference of American States
Indo-Pacific Treaty Organization

 Central America
 South Vietnam
 United Kingdom
 Hashemite Arabia
 United Commonwealth
  1. ^ The exact date of the start of the "second Cold War" is not universally agreed upon, some give different dates.

The Second Cold War (also referred to as Cold War II) is the alleged renewal and ongoing state of international political and military tension seen previously in the first Cold War in the early 21st century between the two main factions: the American-led Western international order, an alliance led by the rising power of the Republic of China, which have successfully seized control of China due to the military revolution inside China and supported by an Islamic-backed army provided by Iraq, Tajik, and Syria. Having the same enemy known as the Conference of American States NATO Indo-Pacific Treaty Organization, these countries become aliases known as the Military Defenders, together with the Landonist-Marxist bloc led by the United Commonwealth, becoming the eastern faction of the world. The western faction, led by the United Kingdom, aims to maintain the status and kept their dominance to the world. As of the contradiction between these 2 sides, a Cold War is therefore started.

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The dissolution of the People's Republic of China[edit | edit source]

During 1998, the Republic of China declared a state of war towards the People’s Republic

2014 annexation of Rehe Province[edit | edit source]

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