Sierran Liberation Army

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Sierran Liberation Army
Participant in The Disturbances
Sierran Republican Army.png
Flag of the Sierran Liberation Army
Active August 7, 1966 – July 1, 1989
Ideology Radical republicanism
National liberation
Leader Sebastian Osborne
Headquarters Bernheim, San Joaquin
Area of operations San Joaquin
Santa Clara
Strength 10,000 (1972)
1,000 (1988)
Allies Sierran Republican Army
United Farmers' Front (1969-1970)
Opponents Sierran Crown Armed Forces
Sierran Loyalist Defense Force
White Rose Brigade

The Sierran Liberation Army was a radical republican terrorist organization in the Kingdom of Sierra and was one of the primary belligerents of The Disturbances. Founded and lead by Sebastian Osborne, the Sierran Liberation Army was formed with the intention "liberating" the people of the Styxie from the "oppressive tyranny" of the monarchy and for the creation of a republic in the region. The organization was formed in 1966 and soon brought fell conflict with royalists paramilitary groups such as the Sierran Loyalist Defense Force and the White Rose Brigade and later the Sierran Royal Army.

Throughout the Disturbances, the Sierran Liberation Army was one of the main militant republican organizations and was responsible for numerous attacks during the conflict, such as the 1968 Cormac Bar attack and many others. It was allied with the Sierran Republican Army and was declared one of the most dangerous terrorist organization in all of Sierra throughout its existence.

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