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The Sierran royal family is the family of the Sierran monarch. The current family belongs to the House of Columbia, widely accepted as the modern descendant of the House of Stuart. In the Kingdom of Sierra, there is a legal distinction between the Royal House and the royal family. The former consists solely of the monarch and their spouse, and members on the line of succession to the Sierran throne (limited to two degrees of kinship) including the heir apparent or heir presumptive, the former monarch and their spouse, and the widows or widowers of the aforementioned if they have not remarried. The latter includes the extended family of the monarch, which comprises members of the Royal House, and the monarch's living grandparents, uncles, aunts, first and second cousins, nephews, nieces, great-nephews, great-nieces, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, along with their respective spouses. Those who are recognized may represent themselves as members of the Sierran Royal Family and may undertake ceremonial roles and duties on behalf of the monarch. Only members of the Royal Family who are recognized by the Government are entitled to titles, styles, and privileges of royalty, which is determined by the Royal Household of Sierra. Senior titled members of the royal family do not have surnames, but direct male-line descendants of King Charles I retain the first king's pre-regnal surname, Miller. Members of the Sierran royal family are distantly related to the royal families in Europe, as well as the Superian royal family (House of Welfburg).

Current members[edit | edit source]

Royal House[edit | edit source]

Royal House of Sierra
Left to right: Queen Elizabeth II, King Emeritus Charles II, Queen Emerita Evelyn, Princess Clara Maria, Duchess of Colorado, Prince Marc, Duke of Sonora

The Royal Household of Sierra lists the following persons as members of the Royal House:

Royal Family[edit | edit source]

In addition to members of the Royal House, the Royal Household of Sierra lists the following living persons as members of the Royal Family:

Descendants of Elizabeth I and their spouses
Other descendants of Louis III and their spouses
Other relatives not using a royal style

Anyone who does not possess a royal style are not considered part of the Royal Family. Distant living relatives, including those who descended from Louis II's mistress Myrtle Riviera or descended from the other royal children of Louis I are not entitled to royal styles and are treated as civilians. In addition, any close relative whose title has been forfeited or abrogated are also not considered part of the Royal Family.

Family tree[edit | edit source]

Line of succession[edit | edit source]

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